Light Start: No-Corona – an iOS 13 bug, PS5 backwards compatibility, Fitbit Charge 4 and Ghost in a Shell reboot


Apple knows about the dodgy hotspot in iOS 13

iPhone users running iOS 13 have run into an issue with the personal hotspot feature. Rest assured that Apple knows about the issue and is working on a fix. How long that fix will take, however, is unknown. MacRumors got its hands on an internal document that was distributed to Apple Authorized Service Providers last week. In this document, Apple “…acknowledged that some iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 users may experience issues with Personal Hotspot.” So, it’s not just you. The issue continuously kicks devices off the hotspot or just won’t allow anyone to connect at all. Which is a bummer if you rely on your personal hotspot to get some work done. It looks like some users may even experience weird data-usage, but we’re not sure how the use of data is warped. “As a temporary workaround, service providers have been instructed to toggle Personal Hotspot off, and then back on. This suggests that there is likely to be a fix in a future software update, but it is unclear if the issue has been resolved in iOS 13.4,” MacRumors explains. 

Sauce: MacRumors

You’ll be able to play ‘some’ PS4 games on the PS5

Literally the only thing users asked Sony to implement in its next-generation console is backwards compatibility. People don’t care about your teraflops and your SSDs and even the custom-built chips. Just give us backwards compatibility, damn it. Microsoft announced that the upcoming Xbox Series X will feature backwards compatibility up to its first console. What about the PlayStation? Last week, Sony’s Mark Cerny mentioned that they’ve been testing the new console. “We recently took a look at the top 100 PlayStation 4 titles as ranked by playtime, and we’re expecting almost all of them to be playable at launch on PlayStation 5,” Cerny says. This might mean that we’ll only see the PS5 be able to run a few PS4 titles, and not feature full backwards compatibility. Ideally, we would like to see the PS5 be able to play PS1 through PS4 titles across the board. But it seems we are being idealistic, because it probs won’t happen at all. “Even as the technology evolves the logic and feature set that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro titles is still available in backwards compatibility modes,” Cerny said. 

Sauce: The Verge

We now know what the upcoming Fitbit Charge 4 looks like

Remember Google acquiring Fitbit a while ago? Yeah, that means that the next Fitbit will launch under Google’s control, and we’re excited to see what happens to Fitbit’s (very sleek) OS. We might see that change earlier than expected, with pics of the Fitbit Charge 4 leaking before any official announcement has been made. This means we can see some of the features we can expect if the Charge 4 does materialise. Most of the features will likely be similar to the Charge 3, (you know, step counters, sleep tracking, water-resistance and Bluetooth connectivity), but we’ll see some additional features this time around. One of the big features missing from the Fitbit Charge 3 was on-board GPS. If you want that, you need to go for one of Fitbit’s smartwatches. And from the looks of this report, the Charge 4 may not have GPS built-in either. It does look like the Charge 4 will come with NFC payment options across the board — which was only available in special edition Charge 3’s, and we’ll also see longer battery life than its predecessor, which is always a welcome change. 

Sauce: The Verge

Netflix’s adaptation of Ghost in a Shell has a release date

Probably the most rebooted anime of all time, Ghost in a Shell, is getting a Netflix reboot and we finally have a release date for it. Anime fans around the world can finally mark their calendars for the first CG (computer graphics) adaptation of the dystopian sci-fi series. Netflix released a final trailer for the series titled: Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 that mentions the release date will be 23 April. The trailer details a type of reunion, including characters like Major, Batou and a few others, who will team up to reform Public Security Section 9 as they deal with “posthumans”  who are out to disrupt the social order. The main difference this time around is the highly divisive (especially when it comes to anime art styles) 3DCG style. “…odds are you’ll either be fine with it or consider it sacrilege,” Engadget mentions. What makes us slightly more comfortable with the reboot is the fact that we’ll see Ghost in the Shell series veteran Kenji Kamiyama direct alongside Shinji Aramaki of Evangelion. Another added bonus is that the original cast from the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is will feature in the Netflix reboot. 

Sauce: Engadget 


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