Ready to cry your eyes out? All the Studio Ghibli films are coming to Netflix SA


This may be the one time that South Africa ranks higher than the US for overall resident happiness — because the 21 films from the legendary animation house Studio Ghibli are coming exclusively to Netflix. Outside of the US and Japan. 

It looks like Netflix has picked up exclusive rights to show Hayao Miyazaki’s epic library of movies. This is likely because of licensing agreements already established in the countries, but we’re not whining. If you find yourself in the US, however, you can still stream the list of brilliant animations on HBO Max. 

But if you find yourself in South Africa (or any other country except the two mentioned above), you’ll have access to all of the ridiculously beautiful movies in the series. You’ll get to stream the Oscar-winning Spirited Away, the crushingly sad Grave of the Fireflies, the adorable My Neighbour Totoro and even the brilliant Howl’s Moving Castle. Plus a bunch more. 

All the Studio Ghibli movies will be available to stream on Netflix from February 2020 (we’re not entirely clear on the exact date — but a ballpark is good enough for us in this case).


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