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Get in loser, we’re going (AR) Ghostbusting… in Japan

The event is to mark the 35th anniversary of the Ghostbusters franchise and takes place at the Ginza Sony Park in Tokyo from 12 October this year. The event will see trainers leading participants sporting "...Ghostbuster uniforms, proton packs, and other props used in the filming of the Ghostbusters movie released in 2016"

The “world’s thinnest phone” is about the size of a credit card – and almost as skinny

If you’re a South African of a certain age, you might recall a time — before the iPhone — when cellular phones were more likely to shrink in size with each iteration, rather than the apprentice tablets we lug around today. If you’ve ever thought about those days with longing, it is worth paying attention to a device being billed as the “world’s thinnest phone...[Read More]

The Android-packing VAIO Phone A looks gorgeous (but you can’t have it)

The VAIO brand, back when Sony was in control of it, was known for attractive design — we still think fondly of those super-thin notebooks (because we don’t remember what it was like to type on the blasted things). It makes sense that the resurrected brand would stick with what made them distinctive. Hence, the awfully handsome VAIO Phone A. The Phone A is actually a reissue of sorts, ...[Read More]

For today’s Final Fantasy XV launch day, here’s a Sony Walkman you can’t have

Final Fantasy XV has been a long time in coming, with more than a decade having passed since it was first announced. Strangely, it was never saddled with the vapourware title that Duke Nukem Forever and The Last Guardian (which finally launches this December) got for similar development cycles. But now that the newest Final Fantasy is here, Sony are doing the celebration thing with some branded ki...[Read More]

Light Start – Samsung split, Japan’s super-PC, Star Wars phones, and a final Rogue One

Samsung could be thinking about splitting up with itself Samsung could be looking at splitting the electronics portion of the company in two, a move that would be undertaken in order to increase the value of Samsung Electronics (which is, apparently, currently undervalued). The split, the suggestion of hedge fund Elliott Associates, is reportedly being considered, with a response to the suggestion...[Read More]

Production of Nintendo’s Wii U will be concluding in Japan soon

It was only a matter of time but Nintendo’s Wii U has all but had its ticket punched. Nintendo Japan has announced that production of the Wii U console, as well as a version that comes bundled with shooter Splatoon, will be coming to an end in that country. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the Wii U will be vanishing the world over but the coming of the Switch has certainly put an ex...[Read More]

Will Super Mario ever be an Olympic sport?

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s appearance as Super Mario in the closing ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games delighted audiences around the world. It also hinted at the exciting possibility that eSports – or video games, as they’re conventionally known – may become part of the programme at Tokyo 2020. In fact, fantasy games have already become an Olympic reality: Rio 2016 was the first gam...[Read More]

Ultra-Light Start – Open sourcing AI, drones with nets, and Banksy uses Steve Jobs

Elon Musk launches OpenAI, an open-source project to help artificial intelligence benefit mankind Elon Musk has launched OpenAI, a non-profit dedicated to advancing “…digital intelligence in the way that is most likely to benefit humanity as a whole, unconstrained by a need to generate financial return.” He’s not doing all of this by himself – Y Combinator’s Sam...[Read More]

This moving, remote-controlled R2D2 fridge will make your wallet cry

The Holy Grail for a lot of Star Wars fans would be a completely working R2D2 droid. Sticking a fridge inside a life-sized version of one of these droids is just the icing on the cake. What we’re saying is: Yes, you can buy a moving, remote-controlled, R2D2 fridge. From Japan, obviously. We’re not saying that it will be cheap, mind you. But first, think about what you’re getting....[Read More]

Now you can build your own Nikon F SLR. From blocks. If you order one from Japan

Do you like LEGO and items of that nature? Have you, at any point ever, bought a themed set of blocks that assemble into a specific object or which conform to a specific theme? And, and this is important, are you nuts about Nikon’s cameras? Then Nikon Japan may have just the thing for you – a Nikon F SLR replica made from Nanoblock. And it comes quite cheap, costing the equivalent of a...[Read More]

Light Start – Star Wars BB-8, NASA’s froodiness, Google health info, and Cat Street View

All (well, most) of our Star Wars dreams have come trueWe’re pretty huge fans of R2-D2 at Stuff HQ, but R2’s got some stiff competition in the form of BB-8, the spherical droid that’s become the non-human character most synonymous with the forthcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now robotics company Sphero has made a tennis ball-sized version of BB-8 consumers can actuall...[Read More]

The future is now – Fujitsu debuts smartphone iris recognition

We’ve been teased with the ability to unlock a door or device using nothing but an eye-scanner in popular fiction for ages and it’s about time that the world caught up with that. Well, you’ll find that Fujitsu’s newest handset, the Arrows NX F-04G, has become the first smartphone to feature iris recognition technology. Yes, Fujitsu makes smartphones. And this particular one...[Read More]

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