The leaked Huawei P40 Pro will likely launch without Google’s services


Huawei’s last flagship never made landfall in South Africa, though there was talk that it might turn up this side of the world in early 2020. There’s no update there just but the Chinese company’s  P40 Pro has broken cover in a new leak.

The leak comes by way of Evan Blass, he of @evleaks and many of the major smartphone leaks over the past few years. It shows off the P40 Pro from every angle, letting us take a very lingering look at the upcoming hardware.

Ceramic Cameras’R’US

The major (and obvious) feature is the rear camera. Huawei’s been pushing its luck in the camera department, trying to innovate bigger and harder than anyone else in the market. This time? There are five sensors, with Leica helping out on the design as is now customary. The combined sensors will range from 8-240mm, likely with Huawei’s software beefing up what already looks like a hefty camera setup. Up front? Dual, hole-punched cameras — but on the opposite side of the one found in Samsung’s handsets. There’s no notch.

The body curves all round, front and back, and Blass reckons that Huawei’s gone for ceramic in the device’s construction. Where isn’t exactly clear and nor is the why, but it’ll make for something different in the smartphone’s design.

The only stumbling block? Google and Huawei are still being held apart by Donald Trump and his fight with China. Huawei’s likely to launch this one with the same operating system used in its native China. Expect to have to use Huawei’s own app store and its replacements for Google’s familiar software. Whether the hardware makes up for the software lack is something we’re dying to find out.

Source: Evan Blass (@evleaks)


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