Huawei’s got another 90 days but we still can’t have the Mate 30 Pro (yet)


Looks as though Huawei and the American government are still working things out. Why don’t they think of the kids? You know, the folks who just want working Android on a smartphone with very high-end hardware? But no, this drawn-out divorce continues, with the American government giving Huawei another 90 days to sell things to American companies. And giving American companies the chance to buy things from Huawei.

So much for two weeks

Contrary to reports yesterday, Huawei’s getting more than two weeks reprieve. Rather, it’s a full 90-day delay… again. This is the third such extension for the Chinese company, meaning that we’re going to be watching 18 February or thereabouts for more news about that’s happening to Huawei’s access to Android. The network gear… we’re not especially bothered by here at Stuff.

According to the US Commerce Department, Huawei’s Temporary General License (TGL) “…authorizing specific, limited engagements in transactions involving the export, reexport, and transfer of items” has been renewed. Specifically, the move is to keep rural American customers up and online — the infrastructure is typically built around Huawei’s hardware.

However “Outside of the scope of the TGL, any exports, reexports, or in-country transfers of items subject to the EAR will continue to require a license, if granted, after a review by BIS under a presumption of denial.”

There’s still hope for an individual license for Huawei, potentially allowing Google to continue dealing with the Chinese smartphone maker. And, crucially, allowing us to use Huawei’s new handsets without any more inconvenience. Hey, if Samsung can come back from literal explosions, Huawei should be able to manage what are basically wide-spread, heavily-delayed software upgrades.

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