Samsung will be remotely killing off the last Galaxy Note 7 phones this month


Samsung is going to be killing off the last remaining Galaxy Note 7 handsets left in the wild and they’re going to be doing it by completely disabling the Note 7’s charging functions. They’ll be doing this by way of a software update, in the same way that the phone’s charging capabilities were limited while last year’s recall was ongoing.

At least, that’s the word according to a report from the Korea Herald. According to them, it’s come time to write the final chapter in Samsung’s Note 7 recall, what with the new Galaxy S8 being unveiled a little later this week. Samsung’s 2016 recall has concluded and the company managed to collect a huge number of outstanding phones at what we imagine was a staggering expense. But those holdouts…

And there are a few holdouts still weighing on Samsung’s conscience. Samsung’s recall campaign netted most of the estimated 2.5 million handsets that were sold across South Korea and the States, pulling in about 96% of all those phones. It’s the remaining 4% or so that will be killed off by a wave of software updates Samsung will start rolling out before the end of this month.

There will likely be ways for die-hard adrenaline junkies who really want to hang on to their Note 7s to circumvent the software updates but the rest who — hard as it may be to believe — may not know about the recall will finally get the memo when their devices fail to charge some time next month.

Source: Korea Herald


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