America to postpone Huawei’s fate for a third time – reports


Isn’t it maddening when you’re just trying to do your job and there’s only one roadblock — someone else not doing theirs? That may be how Huawei feels, as the Chinese tech giant still doesn’t have a clear idea what its fate is concerning Android, and licensing of tech from American companies.


That’s not changing, as reports from both Reuters and the New York Times claim that the American government will be extending Huawei’s temporary trading status for a third time. Which is just in time, as it happens, as the company’s access to American-made services and software (and vice versa) was due to run out today.

However, rather than another 90-day window, the pending extension (which should be officially announced this evening) will only be for two weeks. There’s reportedly a longer extension coming, but its terms yet to be finalised. It seems negotiations over Huawei’s status with America’s companies are far from final.

But, Reuters reports, the American Commerce Department is said to be considering individual licenses for US companies due to rather large demand — potentially allowing Google and co. to resume selling software to the Chinese tech-maker. America’s issues are largely with Huawei’s networking gear so such a move — while not sorting out much for Huawei itself — might let us lay hands on a Mate 30 Pro at long bloody last.

Source: The New York Times, Reuters


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