Keep those voice notes secure – here’s how to implement biometric access for WhatsApp


Users have been able to biometrically secure Facebook’s WhatApp messaging service for some time now, though it’s only recently that the feature has been available across the mobile ecosystem. Just Apple doesn’t count.

While the service figures out just what they want Dark Mode to look like and how much longer they want to pay Ethan Hunt that consultation fee, we’ve detailed how you too can secure your no-doubt important WhatsApp messages from prying eyes. It’s surprisingly easy to do — you can lock down your memes-n-things in seconds.

Objective Secured

Obviously, these’ll only work if your phone supports the unlock methods provided. There’s no point asking WhatsApp to unlock using your fingerprint if your device doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, after all.

Android users:

For Android users, adding biometric access couldn’t be simpler. Simply head to Settings (found behind those three dots on the upper right of the main screen), select Account and then Privacy. Inside that section, you’ll see an option for Fingerprint Unlock. Behind that screen is the toggle you’re after. Voila. Now someone needs to amputate your finger to see you’ve been sending messages to.

iOS users:

If you’re rocking an iPhone (we’ll be you’re rocking it), you can opt for Face ID unlock for Facebook’s messaging app. It’s almost a mirror of the Android method — head to Settings in WhatsApp, then make your way to Account and Privacy. So far so good. Then you’re looking for Screen Lock, which’ll give you the option to turn on Require Face ID. That’s it, you’re good to go. Unless John Travolta and Nicholas Cage decide to stage a Face/Off sequel at your house.


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