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CES 2015: Samsung launches new Tizen-powered curved 4K ‘SUHD’ TVs

Samsung has unveiled a new range of supercharged 4K Ultra High Definition TVs at CES, and they’re backed up with confident words. The tech giant believes that its new ‘SUHD’ TV range will set a new standard in enjoying 4K content, surpassing all of its existing sets with improved contrast, brightness and colour reproduction. Each SUHD model will land packing Samsung’s nano-...[Read More]

Sony planning fewer smartphones and TVs after falling sales

If you’re a fan of Sony’s Xperia smartphones (like we are), then you might be disappointed to hear that the company plans on making fewer of them due to lagging sales. Sony said it would refocus on high-end phones back in September, but has now clarified that it will condense its overall lineup in an effort to make fewer, more profitable devices. While sales could drop as much as 30% with this new...[Read More]

Samsung UA40H6200A – No point in breaking the bank

If you’re planning on streaming, gaming, PVR-ing (is that even a thing?) or just plain watching TV, you’re going to need a screen. But the challenge for the average South African home is getting a decent TV in the lounge without having to pawn a car, sell a kidney or take out a second loan on the family home. It can be tough to straddle the line between cost and features and we’r...[Read More]

All about UHD – Are you ready for Ultra High-Definition?

It doesn’t feel like all that long ago when we were getting all excited over the existence of HD content, attempting to learn the difference between 1080p and 1080i video, and figuring out what ‘HD-ready’ actually meant so buying a TV became less of a lost-at-sea experience. The nature of technology means we’re doomed to keep repeating this process (Curses! Constant educati...[Read More]

Durban to get Samsung TV plant by year-end

If you needed any more confirmation of Samsung’s popularity in South Africa, the company is planning to open a TV manufacturing plant in the Dube Trade Port in Durban before the end of the year. To this end, the Korean electronics giant is investing R212 million (US$20 million) in the project until 2018. The project is the result of close collaboration between Samsung and the South African authori...[Read More]

Own a 4K TV? Netflix launches Breaking Bad in 4K

4K TVs are something that we’ve been unable to really get behind so far. Sure the images are brilliant but the content… that just wasn’t there. For South Africa, for the most part, it still isn’t. But some studios are getting the idea and Netflix is helping it along. Not content with just showing House of Cards in 4K, Netflix has fulfilled their stated goal of getting hit s...[Read More]

Samsung’s curved UHD TVs now available in SA

Samsung has confirmed the availability of their newest curved UHD at retail outlets in South Africa. We’ve known since February this year that Samsung’s newest panels were on the way for this country but it’s now official, with the TVs launching in SA at an event in Johannesburg. Getting your hands on one of these 4K screens isn’t going to be cheap though. The 65-inch model...[Read More]

Curved/UHD TVs, Galaxy Note/Tab Pro and NX30 introduced at Samsung Forum 2014

Samsung has, at their Samsung Forum 2014 event in Malaga, Spain, introduced a few new pieces of tech to the African continent. First up is their U9000 curved UHD television, something that we in’re very glad to see closer to home. Everyone else has already gotten some bendy loving and Samsung’s 78-inch curved panel should make a few homeowners extremely happy. The South Korean company ...[Read More]

Google rumoured to have a Nexus-branded set-top device in the works

Google may have designs on your TV-viewing area, an ambition that the company has had for some time. But these particular designs are new, if a reports from The Information is on the money. The report claims that Google is planning a Nexus TV device, based around Android, that will stream TV and movies from the various popular offerings – like Netflix – and which will apparently suppor...[Read More]

DStv updates Drifta Android app to support lower-spec devices

DStv Mobile’s Drifta WiFi app for Android, used to stream DVB-H mobile TV broadcasts over WiFi to an Android device, has undergone a few changes, the company said today. The update doesn’t remove the need for one of DStv’s Drifta mobile decoders but it does add in support for low-end devices running  Android 2.2 and upwards. DStv Mobile have also tweaked the branding and some of ...[Read More]

Intel to launch television over internet, set-top box in 2013

Intel has confirmed that it is working on a television over internet service, complete with hardware to complement the concept. Intel Media’s General Manager Erik Huggers, speaking at the Dive into Media conference in California, said that the service would be launching this year but declined to say what it would be called when it becomes real. What is known is that it won’t be Intel-b...[Read More]

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