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Skyworth Cast TV – Cast your favourite content from your smart device directly to your Cast TV

Developed by Skyworth with Google ECO system, the Cast TV plays HD, FHD and 4K television shows or home audio systems by directly streaming through Wi-Fi connections or a local network. Any of the 1000+ Cast-enabled apps, 200000+ TV shows and movies, 30000000+ songs available on Google Chromecast can be enjoyed with the all-new Skyworth Cast TV. You can use your mobile device to stream your favour...[Read More]

Apple’s first TV series is called… Planet of the Apps

If you’re a tech company that isn’t making your own TV series then you’re not a tech company, these days. Hey, Facebook got a movie, it’s only fair. Planet of the Apps is Apple’s first TV series and their take on reality TV — coming across as an Idols for app developers (except nobody is going to be horribly off-key unless they slip down the escalator — yo...[Read More]

Mediabox – Gee, we wonder what this box contains…

We’ve seen little media boxes passing through Stuff‘s portals from time to time. They’ve almost always been a hard sell, at least for the team, because we’re a spoiled bunch who should have their toys taken away. But with the rise of streaming video, a media box makes more and more sense. You’ve got several choices when it comes to streaming media. A notebook computer...[Read More]

LG’s new flagship TV is so thin it’s barely there

Remember when TVs used to be boxy things that barely fit on a table? Well LG’s new flagship TV W might as well be from a different universe, let alone a different era. Yep, the 77W7 is one skinny son of a gun, so much so that LG has dubbed it “the world’s first Wallpaper TV”. To be honest, when you invent the category yourself you can call a TV anything you like, so we don’t put too much sto...[Read More]

Why, oh why, is Candy Crush Saga being made into a TV game show?

Some of you might remember Candy Crush Saga, others might have made a lot of headway coping with your addition. What just about nobody is asking for, no matter how involved they are/were in the matching mobile-game-slash-Skinner-Box, is a TV show based on the game’s premise. The show is going to be called Candy Crush and it’ll be an hour-long game show format. Apparently the CBS-create...[Read More]

What Twitter’s streaming experiment means for the future of live TV

Yet another way to watch television has emerged. More than two million viewers watched some of the Thursday night NFL football game on Twitter each of the last three weeks, and several million more used it to watch the first presidential debate. For those who didn’t, here’s how it works: After opening the Twitter app and clicking Moments, you click “watch live” to join the live stream. If you posi...[Read More]

Light Start – Asus robot, Samsung advertising, BEAM expansion, and Mankind Divided

Asus’s Zenbo robot wants to stare into your soul – and do other things too Maybe you can sit through the mini-movie (above) showing off what Asus’s Zenbo robot is able to do. We weren’t able to but that’s because we’re lactose intolerant and this ten-minute advert has a lot of cheese in it. So here’s the short version: Asus has revealed Zenbo, a personal h...[Read More]

Netflix cranks up the brightness, reveals HDR release schedule

Get your sunglasses at the ready: Netflix has started rolling out its first HDR content, and revealed what’s on the way next. You can watch season one of Marco Polo in glorious HDR right now, but let’s face it, not everyone’s into historical dramas. That’s why we’re much more excited for what’s coming later this year. Netflix is promising Jessica Jones and the second season of Daredevil in HDR ...[Read More]

The future of TV? How feely-vision could tickle all our senses

Imagine a party on a warm summer’s evening. You can see the beautiful greenery and the dipping sun, you can smell the freshly cut grass and taste the cool drinks on offer. You hear someone walk up behind you and feel them tap you on the shoulder. Now imagine you’re not really at the party – but sat at home and the scene and all these sensations are coming from your TV. Working out how television p...[Read More]

Samsung at CES 2016 – Tablets and fridges and watches and TV tech

Samsung haven’t done what they usually do and attempt to take over the whole of CES but they’re also not resting on their laurels. We’re expecting big things from the company’s Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress a little later this year but in the meantime they’ve announced a few things that have nothing to do with smartphones. And, well, here they are. Samsung&#...[Read More]

CES 2016: all the news from the world’s biggest tech show

It’s the beginning of the year which, in the world of tech, means two things: it’s time to shake off the festive season’s food-induced coma; and it’s time for CES. The Consumer Electronics Show is the world’s premier technology expo, filling several cavernous halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center with all that’s new in the worlds of home cinema, photography, computing, hi-fi, smartphones, cars ...[Read More]

Hisense is taking over Sharp’s TV range in the Americas

Sharp’s TV line hasn’t been doing all that well, particularly in the Americas where competition is extremely fierce. The likes of Samsung and LG, like most other places, make penetrating the TV market a tough proposition. It seems that Sharp, in that region at least, has thrown in the towel. Their brand will live on though, thanks to Chinese company Hisense which seems to be everywhere...[Read More]

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