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Google won’t sync images between Drive and Photos anymore

Google has decided to change the way Photos and Drive work together because apparently its users are confused by the platforms and their functions.

Google Play Store will help you save storage on Android soon

If you’re one of those people who love accumulating apps that you never use Google Play Store is rolling out a solution that’ll notify you about unused apps.

Beta yourself: Dropbox

This file-sharing service might flit around at the edge of your consciousness, but Dropbox is an essential install on desktop and mobile alike.

Coming soon: smartphones with terabyte storage, courtesy of Samsung

Smartphones are, when you actually think about it, just little pocket-sized computers. The fact that they can make phone calls is a holdover from the days when having a phone in your car made you super-cool (or a Wall Street broker with some unusual items in your gym locker). And, like computers, smartphones constantly upgrade to faster processors, more RAM and better storage. Samsung’s been...[Read More]

Flickr users will need to do a photograph spring clean, and soon

Yahoo-owned photo sharing service Flickr is implementing a few drastic changes to its service that would see users’ content disappear if they don’t act soon. Flickr has decided to reduce the cloud storage capacity for their free-tier users. What was once 1TB will be skimmed down to a mere 1000-picture capacity., with plans to start deleting excess images early next year if users fail to clear up t...[Read More]

Sort out your dwindling storage space with a 4TB SSD from Samsung

Although the capacity of storage devices has been growing at a tremendous rate, we’re still ecstatic to hear that Samsung is producing 4TB Solid State Drives (SSDs), aimed specifically at consumers. That means us, the normies. Samsung’s new 4-bit SATA SSD will pave the way to massive terabyte-sized hard drives for normal people, which will, in turn, lower the prices… slightly, at least...[Read More]

Manage your mobile storage with Netflix’s Smart Download feature

It’s safe to say that the most desirable commodities in the Stuff offices are connectivity and space. If we don’t have the capacity to stream suspicious amounts of Rick and Morty in one sitting, we need loads of space in the shape of megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes, to store content to consume later on. Which may or may not include Rick and Morty. And this little treasure…  Netflix gets t...[Read More]

Cloud, backup and storage devices: how best to protect your data

We are producing more data than ever before, with more than 2.5 quintillion bytes produced every day, according to computer giant IBM. That’s a staggering 2,500,000,000,000 gigabytes of data and it’s growing fast. We have never been so connected through smart phones, smart watches, laptops and all sorts of wearable technologies inundating today’s marketplace. There were an estimated 6.4 billion co...[Read More]

For when you really need your space – Meet SanDisk’s new 1TB SD card

We’ve all seen what an SD card looks like, right? It’s the larger one, about three times larger than a first-gen SIM card, that only works with certain devices. Chances are you have one at home (or at least an adaptor that lets you scale up a microSD) but you probably don’t have anything like SanDisk’s newest baby. That’s because this baby… isn’t that smal...[Read More]

Redox flow batteries could be the answer to our energy storage needs

How to store energy has become as important a challenge as how to generate it. The types of batteries that power our electronic devices or vehicles are tried and tested, but they’re not suitable for really large-scale energy storage – the sort of batteries that can power whole communities, key emergency services and critical infrastructure. Making the jump from small to large capacity batteries th...[Read More]

SpaceBox is like a live-action Dropbox (that takes a little longer to sync)

If you’re any kind of tech-head then you’re at least aware of Dropbox and other cloud-storage options (OneDrive, Google Drive, or Box). You’re almost certainly using it to keep scanned documents that you would suffer without safe in the cloud – and storing irreplaceable images and other files so that a hard drive failure won’t completely destroy your life. What would ...[Read More]

Apple could drop 32GB iPhone 6 and launch 128GB model

Apple could be bulking up the storage capacity of the iPhone 6 to 128GB. According to GeekBar‘s source, a technical document listing of the iPhone 6 features the long-sought-after 128GB model– and drops the 32GB option. That means, oddly, that Apple could be planning to release the iPhone 6 in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB flavours. Thus far, Apple’s released iPhones in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capaciti...[Read More]

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