A 1TB iPhone might be in the offing


1TB is an excessive amount of memory but given the way things are going, it might be necessary. One of the more irritating aspects of the iPhone is the fact that you can’t expand on its storage. Plenty of other smartphone producers continue to provide a slot for a microSD card to expand the device’s existing storage capacity but that would be too simple for Apple. Instead, if you’re concerned that you’re the type of user that stuffs their device with loads of stupid garbage that you’ll look at once and then never again, you’re forced into purchasing an iPhone with more storage. This comes at a higher price tag because of course, it does. Well, that price is about to get even worse as it sounds like Apple is gearing up to launch a model of the iPhone that comes equipped with 1 terabyte of storage.

Gone are the days that people heard the word “terabyte” and shook their heads in amazement. At this point, it’s almost a requirement for a laptop to come stock fitted with a 1TB hard drive (if it’s any good) and that might soon be true for Apple’s range of smartphones. According to leaker (gross) Jon Prosser, Apple is looking at releasing a device that offers 1TB of storage, double the space from their (soon to be) current largest device, that being the iPhone 12 Pro at 512GB.


Prosser’s tweet simply read, “hope y’all are ready for 1TB iphones,” which is pretty specific but also doesn’t cite a source. He’s verified on Twitter though so you know he can be trusted, right? That’s just how the world works now, I guess.

Who even needs 1TB on their phone?

That’s a good question, honestly. Plenty of people are constantly saving images and videos while also taking photos of their own. Given the improved camera specs on the iPhone 12, users may need a little more storage to keep all their captures, especially if they’re planning on recording in 4K. However, the majority of people won’t need a full terabyte so rather just go for one of the devices with a smaller allotment of memory.

Apple is due to boost the storage capacity of the iPhone any time now as the company usually releases new storage expansions every two years, the last one being the 512GB update for the iPhone X. It could very well be the case that the iPhone 13 could be the first to include 1TB of storage space but that’s just speculation on our behalf. If it was, then there’d be a three-year gap between storage boosts but it’s just been that kind of year, right?

(Source: AppleInsider)


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