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Microsoft doubles free OneDrive storage, drops sub pricing from next month

Microsoft has fired the first salvo in a storage war (we dearly hope) by announcing that they’re giving OneDrive users more than double the free storage that they had in the past. A new post over at the OneDrive blog details just what Microsoft has changed with regards to storage and storage plans but what you really need to know is that free storage has jumped from 7GB to 15GB. The second t...[Read More]

Sony develops 185TB tape drive in conjunction with IBM

There’s one thing that the folks who populate Stuff Towers can’t get enough of and that’s digital storage. Sony has just the thing to satisfy our storage-lust and it’s just a pity that their newest upgrade is a high-tech, low-tech solution intended for industrial or business uses. The company has just announced a tape storage development, made with IBM, that is capable of h...[Read More]

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