Huawei launches Dropbox alternative Huawei Mobile Cloud


Living with your head in the clouds has never been easier, especially with so many storage options to keep your files as safe as possible. Look, hardcopy is probably the safest option but as the world slowly begins to recognise that maybe cutting down loads of trees isn’t the most efficient method of keeping things jotted down, the cloud has come up as the next best thing.

It’s also just so much more efficient and an absolute goldmine for companies looking to break into the business. While Dropbox and OneDrive are probably the two biggest players in the space right now, that’s not going to deter Huawei from throwing its hat into the ring as it launches Huawei Mobile Cloud.

The Huawei Mobile Cloud is exactly what you think it is, acting as a “secure repository where you can keep your data safe and accessible forever,” reads the press release sent out by Huawei. You’ll be able to store a wide variety of file types, including “photos, audio, videos, documents, compressed files, and apps.” Yeah, so basically a Huawei hosted Dropbox. The process to upload these files can be either automatic or manual as users can sync their Huawei device to save files to the Mobile Cloud every seven days or just choose when and what gets uploaded at any time.

A few things to bear in mind though. Firstly, you need a valid Huawei ID to access the Mobile Cloud, something which most owners of a Huawei product have likely already set up. Secondly, you’ll only be allowed 5GB of free storage space. If you need more than that, you’ll have to start paying for it. There’s a whole load of pricing options to upgrade to 50GB, 200GB or even 2TB of cloud storage data. We’ve got a handy table to illustrate everything right here:

Huawei Mobile Cloud 50GB 200GB 2048GB
Monthly (Subscription) R14.99 R44.99 R149.99
6 months (Once-off) R89.94 R269.94 R899.94
12 months (Once-off) R178.99 R539.88 R1799.88
Yearly (Subscription) R178.99 R539.88 R1799.88


“As data can be sensitive and personal, HUAWEI Mobile Cloud ensures that it complies with global best practices of cybersecurity and data privacy so you can rest assured your data is safe when backed up onto the HUAWEI Mobile Cloud.  With nine-layer protection in place, whether the data was manually or automatically backed up, you are guaranteed optimal data security,” reads the Huawei press release.

There you go folks, an alternative to Dropbox exclusive to those of you firmly embedded in Huawei’s ecosystem. We’d personally love to meet the mad lad who’s out here spending nearly R2000 a year on 2TB of storage. You just know they’ll be one person, right?


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