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How to make your own WhatsApp stickers on Android

Creating personalised stickers is by no means a native WhatsApp feature, and like with many things, Facebook has decided to sneakily nab the idea from other messenger apps (like Telegram and WeChat), and add it to its own messaging app. It’s still an awesome feature though. And will likely replace standard stickers altogether one day. WhatsApp stickers have just started to roll out for Android and...[Read More]

WhatsApp adding stickers to iOS and Android

We’re noticing a trend from the Facebook team this year — adding as many features as possible to already perfectly good services. Next up, WhatsApp will gain the ability to send stickers to friends. You’ll likely be familiar with stickers in other messaging apps like Telegram or Signal and (a version of) the feature is finally making the jump over to the Facebook-owned service. Support for s...[Read More]

Instagram testing option to let users ask followers questions in Stories

Instagram is testing a feature that allows users to ask their followers questions and receive answers. You’ve probably seen the ‘Polls’ and ‘Rating’ stickers/sliders… we suspect the new feature will be similar. The world’s favourite image-sharing service has been in the news quite a lot lately, releasing a new long-video format feature and a standalone app for it called IGTV, and annou...[Read More]

Twitter announces stickers for Twitter images, releasing soon

Have you looked at your Twitter timeline at any point in the last year, seen the images that you’ve been posting and thought: “What these curated pictures of meals and artful sunsets could really use a few stickers”? If you have then guess what? Twitter has (disturbingly) read your mind and they’re rolling out just that feature soon. Yes, really. For everyone else, this is ...[Read More]

Facebook’s rolled out reactions for everyone

“You get a reaction and you get a reaction and you get a reaction!” shouted Oprah in the almost inevitable meme that’ll be generated by Facebook’s announcement that it’s rolling out the Reactions feature it’s been testing in half a dozen countries since last year to all of its users. The announcement came earlier today in a post to Facebook’s newsroom by p...[Read More]

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