WhatsApp adds a new “Social Distancing” range of stickers


WhatsApp stickers seem to have really caught on. If emojis have taught us anything it’s that people much prefer to communicate through adorable images than words. No judgement from us, we’ve sent plenty of WhatsApp stickers in the past. We like to use Twitch emotes but frankly, during a world wide pandemic, those just aren’t going to cut it. Thus, WhatsApp has now rolled out a set of “together at home” stickers to promote self-isolation and social distancing.

The adorable little images all depict exactly what you think they do: actions and pastimes that help significantly reduce the spread of COVID-19. That hand emoji place next to a tap with running water just not cutting it any more? Don’t stress, there’s a sticker for that now.

The stickers, available in 10 different languages, were developed alongside the World Health Organisation. They depict everything from working at home, washing your hands and checking in on your friends who may be having a tougher time than you.

This comes just after Instagram launched a very successful “Stay Home” sticker to further promote social distancing. WhatsApp has made plenty of additions and improvements due to the spike in users relying on the platform to properly communicate during quarantine. Just yesterday we reported that WhatsApp was looking into expanding video calls to cater for eight people instead of the current four. No word yet on when this new set of stickers will arrive in the app but we’d bet our bottom rand that they’ll be here soon.

(Source: Engadget)


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