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Link your Huawei wearables with Discovery Vitality and earn points

Today, Huawei South Africa announced their partnership with Discovery Vitality. This means you’ll now be able to earn Vitality points from Huawei fitness trackers and smartwatches. Time to get off the couch, hey? Discovery Vitality gives users special benefits and rewards in exchange for getting fit… or, depending how you look at it, in exchange for their personal fitness data. Fitness track...[Read More]

Android Wear update brings loads of new faces, plus developers can now release their own

Having a small screen on your wrist seemed like a prime opportunity to display all sorts of dazzling imagery, but up ’til now, the options have been limited with Android Wear. Finally, that’s changed. Google has just announced the rollout of the latest version of Android Wear, based on Lollipop, and it finally brings the promised ability for developers to create and sell their own unique, di...[Read More]

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