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And out come the Wolves: Ubisoft announces co-op Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Last night Ubisoft announced (officially) the newest entry in their open-world Ghost Recon series. Titled Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the sequel to 2017's Ghost Recon Wildlands will transport players to a fictional location to do battle with some fictional weapons. And, yeah, and the Punisher. 

Far Cry: New Dawn – Trying to build a better world

There's a shorter tale and lighter character development than we're used to from the series, but there's nonetheless great fun to be had from causing mayhem.

Battlefield V review – back to WWII for the long haul

Battlefield returns to its World War Two roots, but is it better than ever? From the polygonal paratroopers of Medal of Honor, to Call of Duty’s all-out assault on the senses, there seemed to be a definite running theme of giving you big guns to single-handedly wipe out the Nazis. That was except for one game in 2002 — which gave players a unique multiplayer experience, mimicking the territo...[Read More]

Fujifilm South Africa launches rent-to-own programme

Upgrading from a phone to a “real camera” is a dream for many, but with the price of camera bodies and the lenses to go with them, it’s out of the realm of the possible for many. To address this, Fujifilm South Africa has launched a rent-to-own programme, which is available to customers online or in bricks-and-mortar stores. As it says on the box, you pay a monthly rental fee for...[Read More]

Drop everything and download: Paladins Strike

Serious mobile gaming has seen a massive boom in recent months, with Fortnite releasing on iOS, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition on both iOS and Android, and even the infamous PUBG shooter can be found on mobile screens across the world. Now Hi-Rez Studios decided to bring one of their their console- and PC-based 5v5 hero-shooter to iOS and Android. Hi-Rez Studios are the guys behind Smite and Trib...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront II – This Star Wars shooter has a pretty grim dark side

Star Wars Battlefront II has a lot in common with the Death Star. When working as intended, both are monsters in their respective fields: the Empire’s death machine delivers massive destruction, while EA’s multiplayer epic offers huge amounts of fun. However, where the Death Star had a terrible design flaw that ultimately left it in ruins, Battlefront II boasts something similar: microtransa...[Read More]

Splatoon 2 — The online shooter your Nintendo Switch has been waiting for

It seems obvious in hindsight: an online shooter where head-shotting your friends is totally irrelevant, why wouldn’t it be a cult classic? On Wii U of all consoles. And yet here we are with a second Splatoon for Nintendo Switch just two years after the first game wrapped its inky tentacles around our heartstrings. More of a Call of Duty-style sequel than a properly new game, Splatoon 2 polishes u...[Read More]

Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One) – Who knew a mutant uprising could provide such fun?

Chaos. Flashy, blaring, satisfyingly cheeky chaos is what Sunset Overdrive offers, and it’s delivered in excess in a neon-soaked city wherein pretty much everything can be grinded, vaulted over, or swung upon. Also on tap is raucous fun, and loads of it too. Insomniac Games’ first Xbox One title isn’t terribly concerned with slow-paced precision, well-thought-out storytelling, or...[Read More]

Destiny gameplay takes us to Devil’s Lair

Halo creators Bungie and publisher Activision are teasing their upcoming next-generation shooter Destiny once again, this time promising that more will be seen at the E3 gaming event in the middle of this year. The online, story-based shooter looks to be giving users even more when the Los Angeles conference takes place but for now there’s a seven-minute gameplay teaser showing off a wide ar...[Read More]

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