Epic Games promises $20 million prize pool for Fortnite esports


You know that Fortnite is still one of the most popular games in the world. Which is why it makes sense that Epic Games is going all-in on the esports scene. The developer/publisher has announced that it’s pledging a $20 million prize pool for Fortnite esports scene in 2021. Last year the total prize pool sat at around $17 million while in 2019 the Fortnite World Cup offering winnings of $30 million. Hills and valleys, we suppose.

It’s not that Fortnite didn’t have a massive competitive scene before (as illustrated by the cash thrown at it in previous years) but from the sounds of things, the folks in charge seem to be ramping up the scale of the events dramatically. This all comes in the wake of Epic Games detailing the Fortnite Champion Series, the highest competitive league the game has on offer.


Fortnite? More like Fight Night.

So what’s the schedule for this major event? The best and most important aspect is that the whole thing will be held online so folks needn’t worry about stuffing themselves into the crowded arena, breathing the air of the potentially infected. Qualifiers start on 4 February and the finals will take place on 12 March. So just over a month of high-stakes Fortnite fighting. Sounds like a good distraction from those of us who aren’t skilled and potentially lucrative for those who are.

The $20 million is being spread across a range of tournaments this year. The four seasons of the Fortnite Champions Series will each end with a $3 million prize while the remaining prize money will come from smaller events held throughout the year.

“Our overall goal is to create better consistency throughout the year and tie the 2021 seasons together for a more cohesive experience,” wrote Epic Games in a blog post.

Given how much more competitive Epic Games is going with their wildly popular battle royale shooter, it makes sense that they’d bring in other sports to compliment their game. That’s why it partnered with 23 international football teams to add their uniforms to the game. Snazzy!

(Source: The Verge)


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