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Netflix is producing many, many animated features based on Roald Dahl’s books

If there’s one thing that South African kids — and kids the world over — get, it’s the writing of Roald Dahl. This British writer’s books are fantastical and just the right amount of disgusting (Snozzberries!) needed to capture the imagination of the young ‘uns… and the older ‘uns who remember reading the books when they were a lot closer to the grou...[Read More]

The Girl from St. Agnes: What we know about Showmax’s second original show

The ‘youngsters’ in the TV business are giving big-money Hollywood producers a run for their money these days. Who can imagine entertainment from 2016 onwards without Netflix Originals? Or a world without Amazon Prime Video’s American Gods? Video-on-demand (VOD) streaming services are opting to create their own content, and sources close to home are following suit. Showmax is working on their seco...[Read More]

Netflix is working on an interactive Black Mirror episode

Humans are spoiled for choice with video-on-demand (VOD) services like Netflix and Showmax. You can choose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it. But soon you could choose how you’d like an episode of the dystopian sci-fi anthology series, Black Mirror, to end. Should you wield such power? Netflix is reportedly working on interactive episodes, according to a new report from Bloomberg. ...[Read More]

Stay a while and listen: Diablo might be getting its own Netflix show

Blizzard’s games, whether it’s (World of) Warcraft, Starcraft, or Diablo, have always featured the sort of animated cut-scenes that have made players wonder “What if they actually made a full movie out of this?” We’ve already seen the results with Warcraft but Diablo might be next in line, for a series adaptation this time. That’s the word according to a now-del...[Read More]

What can you watch (for free) on DStv Now

DStv Now is Multichoice’s answer to the new video-on-demand format that has become increasingly popular in recent years. DStv’s online platform gives users streaming access to movies and series according to their current DStv package. Many people are downgrading their DStv packages as they simply cannot afford the premium option anymore. It’s hardly a substitute but what if we told you that ...[Read More]

Seven shows you can only catch first on Showmax

Some TV shows are available everywhere. You know the ones – they don’t have to advertise them because you can’t throw a rock without hitting the latest episode. But then there are others which are a little more… exclusive. If you want Naruto or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, you head to Crunchyroll. If you want Stranger Things or Orange is the New Black, you head to Netflix. And if you want HBO and con...[Read More]

9 of the best Showmax offerings for winter bingeing

Don’t let the current warm snap distract you, it might be early August but winter is still a thing here in SA. All it takes is one cold front to drive us back under multiple blankets wanting nothing more than to consume carbs and warm drinks while our completed-episode count ticks ever higher. Streaming video services like Showmax, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video have made spending hours on the co...[Read More]

What you get on Showmax that you can’t stream anywhere else

When it comes to streaming in South Africa, it’s tough to get everything in one place. You’re keen on music? Spotify is your go-to, with Deezer and Joox following behind with varying levels of genre and content support. A confirmed anime nut with Naruto on the brain? You’re probably going to want a Crunchyroll sub, though Netflix has been plumping up its available content for South Africa of late....[Read More]

Apple rumoured to be working on a bundled service of video, music and magazines

Apple has been a busy little corporation, and is rumoured to be plotting sneaky acquisitions and service bundle schemes behind the scenes. The planned streaming service could bundle streaming video with a subscription to magazines, Apple Music, and iCloud storage. According to multiple sources, Apple wants to create a single subscription offering that would encompass its original TV shows, music s...[Read More]

Netflix like a pro with these 19 tips

Become a Netflix-and-chill pro (we’re not offering any advice on the ‘and-chill’ side of the equation, you’re on your own there) with our streaming masterclass. Like The Simpsons and deep-fried Bar-Ones, Netflix has hidden depths lurking beneath its simple exterior. We don’t blame you for missing them — after all, it’s so easy to just fire up another episo...[Read More]

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