Nathan Pyle’s beloved ‘Strange Planet’ comic is getting an animated series thanks to Apple


If you’re on Instagram and somehow haven’t come across the adorable little web comic ‘Strange Planet’, then you should absolutely rectify that asap. Created by Nathan Pyle and read by more than 6 million people, the web comic (and related best-selling print comic books) centre around cutesy aliens doing human things in adorably alien ways. Now, Apple is turning it into an animated series for Apple TV+.

Strange Planet’s “sweet existence” on screen

Nathan Pyle Strange Planet

Image: Nathan Pyle

See? Adorable. The humour in each comic is generally found in the fittingly alien way the characters describe ordinary things. For example, instead of saying “Sweet dreams” they say “Imagine pleasant nonsense”.

Apple is behind the adaptation, and has paired Nathan Pyle up with none other than Dan Harmon as a co-executive producer. Harmon is famous for creating Rick and Morty and Community, both wildly popular shows.

Apple’s own in-house Studios subsidiary will handle production, along with the studio behind Bojack Horseman, ShadowMachine. As far as production crews go, Strange Planet seems to be pretty star-studded.

We’re curious to see how a full-blown animated Strang Planet series would actually look. As endlessly entertaining and endearing as Pyle’s web comic is, it has yet to attempt any long-term continuous narrative, opting instead for self-contained four panel skits with a punchline. But given the team behind it we’re optimistic that they’ll make it work.

There’s no date for Strange Planet’s series debut just yet, but we do know that the first season will be 10 episodes long. Now that’s something to praise “sweet existence” for.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



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