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Samsung building 5 new R&D facilities. The price tag? $4.5 billion

Samsung is planning on constructing five new research and development facilities in South Korea over the next three years and will be dropping some $4.5 billion on the project. In the works is a design-based research center set to open up shop in Seoul in 2015, which will cost the company some $1 billion, along with planned locations that will deal with materials and component development, display...[Read More]

Samsung’s Ativ tablets, laptops and an all-in-one unveiled

In addition to the official reveal of several Galaxy newcomers Samsung detailed new Ativ products at their event in London last night. Two tablets, a range of notebooks and an all-in-one PC will be seeing release under the Ativ branding, though the launch dates and pricing for the new products have yet to be revealed. The two new Ativ tablets, the Ativ Q and Ativ Tab 3, are notable for their own r...[Read More]

Samsung announces new Galaxy lineup

Samsung’s event in London yesterday saw the reveal of several new Galaxy and Ativ products, as was expected based on the company’s teaser invitation. Several of the announcements, mostly from the Galaxy range, had already been revealed by the South Korean company in the run-up to the event. The previously-seen devices included the rugged Galaxy S4 Active, the Galaxy S4 Zoom camera hand...[Read More]

Watch Samsung drop, soak and cook a bunch of Galaxy S 4 handsets

Samsung, a little earlier this week, posted a video to its SamsungTomorrow YouTube channel detailing how the South Korean company did reliability tests on its flagship Galaxy S 4 handset. Just knowing that Samsung’s video will show the smartphone dropped from increasing heights, stuck in a box and slowly tumbled, soaked in water and then sent for a heat and humidity torture test should be re...[Read More]

Samsung confirms Galaxy S 4 spinoff with 16 megapixel camera, 10x optical zoom

Samsung is on a roll, adding to recent announcements by announcing a tweaked version of the Galaxy S 4. There was talk of a Galaxy S 4 Zoom last month and it seems to have been spot on, right down to the display’s specifications. The Galaxy S 4 Zoom looks like a Galaxy S 4 handset affixed to the back of a compact digital camera body. It isn’t quite along the lines of Samsung’s Ga...[Read More]

Samsung announces 3G and LTE entry-level Galaxy handset

Samsung’s Galaxy lineup is becoming more and more appropriately named, with new stars being birthed into the South Korean company’s constellation at an impressive rate. The newest appearance is that of Samsung’s Galaxy Ace 3, an entry-level handset that will be released in 3G and LTE versions, depending on the release market. Which markets will get which handset hasn’t been...[Read More]

Rougher, tougher version of the Galaxy S 4 confirmed by Samsung

Stuff first heard about the possibility of a rugged version of the Galaxy S 4 handset back at the end of April this year and it looks like the rumours were spot-on. Samsung has made the newest addition to the Galaxy lineup of phones official by announcing the Galaxy S 4 Active. The Galaxy S 4 Active’s big feature is the dust and waterproof nature of the phone, which is rated up to IP67 and w...[Read More]

ITC order may ban older iOS devices in the US, Apple to appeal

The patent war between Apple and Samsung has not abated and the latest development has seen the conclusion of a case that Samsung had opened with the International Trade Commision (ITC) in 2011. The result of the ITC ruling, the original of which AllThingsD is hosting, is that several older Apple devices were found to infringe on Samsung’s patents.. Apple has said that they will be appealing...[Read More]

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 to arrive in 7, 8 and 10-inch models this month

Samsung has added another two tablets to the Galaxy Tab 3 lineup, the 7-inch version of which was confirmed in April this year, in the form of 8-inch and 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab 3 models. The Galaxy Tab 3 8-inch sports a 1.5GHz dual core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, the option of 16GB or 32GB of storage and support for up to another 32GB via microSD. It will ship with the usual swath of connectivity opti...[Read More]

Samsung announces 4.3-inch Galaxy S 4 mini

Samsung has confirmed the Galaxy S 4 mini handset, a device that has been expected for some time now. Just how ‘mini’ it is, with a 4.3-inch display, is up for debate. The S 4 mini will feature the 4.3-inch display, which is a qHD Super AMOLED affair, as well as a dual-core 1.7GHz processor and 8GB of internal storage with 1.5GB of RAM. As usual internal storage can be expanded with up...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy Note III reportedly confirmed, some possible camera details given

Samsung seems to be on to a good thing with the Galaxy Note devices so it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re considering another entry in the product line. A Korean website claims to have official confirmation about the next in line, the Galaxy Note III, as well as some details that may be appearing in the device’s camera. The Note III’s camera will reportedly be a 13 meg...[Read More]

Samsung to reveal new Galaxy, Ativ devices on 20 June

Samsung has teased several new products that are due to be revealed at an event in London on 20 June. New entrants into Samsung’s Galaxy and Ativ ranges, the latter of which is based around the Windows Phone OS, will be announced. The teaser image consists of four panes, one detailing the event itself and the others with close-up shots of some of the products that will be unveiled. The image...[Read More]

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