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Samsung office searched by police for allegedly nicked LG OLED tech

Samsung’s display arm has had their offices in Asan in South Korea searched by members of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. The police were investigating an alleged theft from LG Display by some of LG’s partners and looking in to whether Samsung was involved. The apparent theft involves “large-sized OLED TV panel technology”, said LG spokesman Son Young Jun who went on ...[Read More]

Samsung set to open stores at Best Buy outlets in US

Taking a page out of Apple’s book and rewriting it slightly is something that critics could claim Samsung does on a regular basis. A new announcement from the company reveals that the South Korean company is sort of emulating Apple’s retail outlets but they are doing it in a very different manner. Samsung announced yesterday that the company will be opening stores-within-stores at Best...[Read More]

Apple’s ‘rubber banding’ patent gets a Final Office Action

Apple’s so-called rubber banding patent, which describes the way that a screen bounces back into place when a user has scrolled to the edges of it, has had a Final Office Action published by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). An initial ruling or First Office Action on the patent, which was used against Samsung in a jury trial last year, was issued by the USPTO in October...[Read More]

Samsung is also getting into the smartwatch business

Samsung has confirmed, though Lee Young Hee, Samung’s executive vice president of mobile business, that the company is working on a smartwatch though no time-frame for the release of the device has been given. Speaking in an interview Hee said “We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long. We are working very hard to get ready for it. We are preparing products for the future, and...[Read More]

Watch Samsung’s entire Galaxy S 4 presentation here

Samsung’s big announcement has come and gone, leaving only a few confirmed rumours, some launch date speculation (UPDATE: Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 has been dated for the UK, becoming available on 26 April.) and a sticky residue (for some). For those who missed it last night, Samsung’s entire Times Square presentation has made its way to YouTube for fans and those of a curious nature ...[Read More]

Samsung’s Galaxy S 4: The official details

Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy S 4 handset and it seems that many of the rumoured features were on the money. But first, the hardware. The new flagship has upped the display to a 1080p 5-inch Super AMOLED Full HD screen (441ppi) and the processor will be either an Exynos 5 Octa affair (1.6GHz) or it will feature a Snapdragon quad-core heart (1.9GHz), depending on the release region. Un...[Read More]

More Galaxy S IV features apparently leaked ahead of today’s reveal

More footage of what appears to be Samsung’s Galaxy S IV smartphone has turned up, from the same source as the video found earlier this week. The four new videos from YouTube user istephencom, embedded below, show several features of the apparent smartphone. The first demonstrates a floating touch function that lets users select or preview items without touching the surface of the phone̵...[Read More]

LG announces Optimus G Pro eye-recognition feature, makes Samsung’s eye-tracking even more plausible

LG’s latest announcement of a new eye-recognition feature that will be included in the Optimus G Pro handset has lent support to rumours that Samsung’s Galaxy S IV handset will feature eye-tracking scrolling. It doesn’t hurt LG that their announcement might just steal a little of Samsung’s thunder in the meantime. LG has detailed the new feature, which should be hitting Opt...[Read More]

Video claiming to show Samsung Galaxy S IV surfaces ahead of the official reveal

A video has been released that claims to show Samsung’s upcoming and yet-to-be-revealed Galaxy S IV handset, with the footage showing the apparent device from all angles. Whether this video (shown below), which YouTube user istevencom says is the Chinese carrier version of Samsung’s upcoming handset (a dual-SIM variant), is accurate is hard to say but it certainly looks like a new Sams...[Read More]

Samsung won’t be offering Windows RT tablet in parts of Europe due to low demand

Samsung’s Windows RT-based ATIV tablet won’t be seeing release in Germany and parts of Europe in addition to not having an American release. The company told German tech news website Heise that Samsung would no longer be offering the Windows RT device in German, as well as certain “other European countries” which have not been specified. The reason given for the failure-to-...[Read More]

Samsung gets a slight edge with Sharp investment

Samsung has just completed a cash injection into ailing electronic manufacturer Sharp, a move that was speculated about yesterday with Samsung confirming the investment deal a short while ago. Samsung, through Samsung Electronics Japan, has given Sharp $112 million and in return the South Korean company will be receiving a 3.08% stake in the Japanese electronics company. The deal will “furth...[Read More]

Samsung’s Galaxy S IV rumoured to track user’s eyes

Samsung’s as-yet unrevealed Galaxy S IV handset has a new rumoured feature, the ability to track its user’s eyes and scroll a page on the device accordingly. The rumours comes by way of a report on the New York Times, which cites an anonymous Samsung employee for the reveal of the latest feature. Sammy’s new flagship will reportedly track user’s eyes, though how this will b...[Read More]

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