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PlayStation 4 consoles have found 18.5 million homes since launch

Sony and Microsoft both have their fanboys in the console sphere and it’s a foolish man or woman who wanders into the midst of an online flamewar about the merits of either console. Sony have been attempting to show up the Xbox One with regular releases of the numbers and they’ve just dropped another figure: 18.5 million. That’s the number of PlayStation 4 consoles that have been...[Read More]

CoD: Advanced Warfare is the largest entertainment launch of 2014 – according to Activision

We were wondering when this information was going to be popping up from Activision, the publisher behind Destiny and Call of Duty. It’s almost a yearly ritual, crowing about how well the latest installment of Call of Duty – in this case the Kevin Spacey vehicle Advanced Warfare – has done in comparison to everything else on the market. This year Activision are claiming the larges...[Read More]

Apple claims new opening weekend record for iPhone sales

We were expecting big things from Apple, given that the company saw a new record for pre-orders of their iPhone range last week. The 4 million-plus orders have received a significant boost in the company’s opening weekend of sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, topping 10 million handsets sold over this past weekend. The record-setting total for the new Apple smartphones was set during t...[Read More]

Apple’s App Store had a very good 2013

Apple’s App Store has had a bumper year in 2013 according to the company, netting sales of over $10 billion in 2013. December proved to be the most profitable month for the App Store, accounting for over $1 billion of the year’s total. That sales total of $1 billion makes December 2013, with its 3 billion downloads, the most successful month to date for the App Store. Apple says that, ...[Read More]

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 hits 10 million sold milestone in 2 months

Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 handset took a month to reach 10 million and it remains the South Korean company’s best-seller but Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Note 3 has reached the same total in two months, making it the fastest selling device in the Note range. The original Note reached the milestone in nine months, the Note II took four months to arrive at the same number and the Not...[Read More]

Sony updates PlayStation 4 sales figures, over 2.1 million sold since launch

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is off to a good start and the company seems especially pleased with its next-generation gaming consoles progress so far. So much so that they’ve released updated sales figures for the PS4 following the European launch last week. Initial sales of the PlayStation 4 hit 1 million units shifted over a 24 hour period, that number has now risen to 2.1 million consoles s...[Read More]

Xbox One’s numbers are in, also hits 1 million consoles sold in a day

Microsoft’s Xbox One, like Sony’s PlayStation 4, has seen release in a restricted section of the global market and, also like the PS4, has surpassed 1 million sales in its first 24 hours on sale. Microsoft’s new console has beaten first day sales numbers seen by the Xbox 360, according to Microsoft, which makes this “the biggest launch in Xbox history.” The Xbox One&#...[Read More]

The PlayStation 4’s first full day sees 1 million consoles shifted

Sony’s initial launch  in North America and Canada saw sales of their new PlayStation 4 console topping 1 million units sold. Those aren’t bad Day One numbers for any gaming console, especially when you consider that the launch wasn’t a global one. PlayStation 4 launches in Europe at the end of November and the mid-December launches in other locations (SA included) should see tho...[Read More]

Nintendo’s financials show a loss in spite of improved hardware sales

Japanese gaming hardware and software developer Nintendo have released the details of their latest quarter and while there have been improvements in the area of hardware sales, the company still posted a loss for the period. There have been improved sales of Nintendo’s Wii U console following a price drop earlier this year but the hardware numbers have only climbed by another 300,000 new use...[Read More]

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