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LG G3 Stylus: another G3 variant with, yes, a stylus

Not long after the launch of the G3 Beat, LG has announced another variant of its G3 flagship phone: the LG G3 Stylus. Given its name, you won’t be surprised to learn that it comes with a stylus – LG’s own Rubberdium pen – and like the Samsung Galaxy Note range it’s been designed with pen use in mind. A suite of apps called QuickMemo+, for example, allows you to make and share handwritten notes an...[Read More]

Samsung has made the metal-bodied Galaxy Alpha official

We were saying just this morning that today might be the day that Samsung would make their metal-bodied smartphone official at last and it looks as though the sources from the earlier report were on the ball. Samsung has announced the Galaxy Alpha, confirming its specs as well as a more-or-less availability date. Samsung fans can expect a 4.7-inch 720p smartphone, one that will feature that metal ...[Read More]

Facebook is testing a way for you to buy items from within… Facebook

Advertising is going to be getting a lot more interactive on Facebook, if recent tests are any indication. Facebook at present is trialling a new Buy button that will allow Facebook users to purchase items online from within the social network, all without actually leaving your timeline. The test is limited to a small set of businesses and is localised to the States for now but it’s a good i...[Read More]

Microsoft prices, will drop the Xbox One on SA come 23 September

The trickle of information from Microsoft concerning the Xbox One and its place here in the South African market has turned into a gush of info. Previously we knew that the Xbox One would make an appearance in SA in September, now we have an exact date as well as a price for the new gaming hardware. 23 September. That’s the date you need to mark on your calendars for the Xbox One’s ava...[Read More]

Google officially details the Project Tango dev kit tablet

[youtube url=”″] Google’s Project Tango is planning on using mobile devices to map areas and some tech outfits have come up with creative uses for the smartphone version of the technology so far (like creating an autonomous drone). An older report claimed that Google intended to make a tablet version of Project Tango, something that the ...[Read More]

Apple acquires Beats for $3 billion

Confirming weeks of speculation, Apple announced this evening that it has acquired headphones manufacturer and streaming music service proprietor Beats. The deal is valued at $3 billion—$2.6 billion of which is the upfront purchase price, with another $400 million vesting over time—and includes the addition of Beats co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine to Apple. That valuation is a fair bit less t...[Read More]

This is LG’s G3 smartphone, with more to come

LG has made their G3 officially official, as opposed to the recent leak that detailed a little too much about the smartphone. As it turns out, the LG Netherlands gun-jumping was on the money, as were the images that were briefly published. At LG’s London event last night things got a little more specific, even if they only confirmed much that we already know. The G3 will indeed be a 5.5-inch...[Read More]

Nintendo canning online gaming features for the Wii, DS, DSi

Nintendo has, perhaps unsurprisingly, announced that many of the online features enjoyed by their Wii console and DS/DSi handheld gaming units will be going away later this year. According to the announcement, as from 20 May this year “…certain online functionality, including online play, matchmaking and leaderboards for many Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games” will be termi...[Read More]

LG officially details their 5.9-inch G Pro 2

LG has seen a few details leak regarding their upcoming G Pro 2 smartphone and they’ve dropped a few details of their own but they’ve decided to head off any further information (and possibly get a head-start on the competition at MWC this year) by releasing the whole lot of specs for the G Pro 2 now. A release on LG’s Newroom website has detailed the device, which doesn’t ...[Read More]

LG drops a few specs for the G Pro 2, a couple of others leak

We already know that LG will soon be releasing the G Pro 2, since LG has confirmed its existence in a rather general sense. The company is expected to launch the handset some time before the end of February and they’ve also revealed a few specifications for the device. The G Pro 2 will be launching with a 13 megapixel camera, which isn’t too unexpected, but LG will also be introducing ...[Read More]

Lego Ghostbusters set gets the green light

Rejoice ye 80’s kids! 2014 definitely seems to be turning out as the year of the Lego block in the best of ways. Some of the first unveilings and adaptations announced for 2014 have made us pretty excited, and the latest Lego project, greenlit by the Lego VIPs themselves is a fan-designed Ghostusters set. It started with Brent Waller, a Lego aficionado, who put together a model of a Ghostbusters s...[Read More]

Now take a closer look at the Xbox One

Sony has had it’s PlayStation 4 unboxing, now it’s time to get a closer look at the (not-launched-here-this-year) Xbox One. Microsoft have dropped a new product video – partly comprised of footage from the E3 2013 reveal of the console – which goes up close to the Xbox One hardware. There’s also a little detail on some of the software features that Microsoft has in st...[Read More]

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