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We’ll get our first official look at Motorola’s new RAZR in just a few short weeks

We’ve been waiting for news concerning Motorola’s new RAZR smartphone. The device is supposed to be a retro(ish) take on the company’s old faithful (and best-selling) RAZR handset, one with a folding display if rumour has it right. We don’t have to wait on rumour any more, though. That’s because Motorola has sent out invitations for its new handset. The date? 13 Novem...[Read More]

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is totally a thing, will land by end 2020

Well so much for the future of game consoles being all-streaming, all the time. Sony's officially confirmed the name of its next console and has also given us a release window. You can expect to play games on a PlayStation 5 from the "...holidays 2020". That's around November/December this end of the world, since we've got holidays all over the place. 

Apple’s new iPad retires the 9.7in form factor for something a little… bigger

We haven’t gotten to the big news just yet but we’ve got one of the things we were expecting — a new iPad. The updated iPad will be replacing the company’s stalwart 9.7in models with a new 10.2 model featuring a Retina display. That, sadly, is about all the information we were given during the presentation. Welll… Okay, maybe that’s not all we’ve learned. ...[Read More]

Apple prices and dates Apple Arcade, Apple TV Plus – and they’re coming here

Man, Apple really knows how to underwhelm with their launches these days. Jumping right into the event (which suggests they’ve got a lot to get to), we were treated to a handful of gameplay demos for some of the titles coming to Apple Arcade. Demonstrations from Konami and Capcom led the way, but it wasn’t long before we got some actual information. Coin operated Information in the sha...[Read More]

Fight the (Air)Power – Mophie’s come out with a 3-in-1 wireless charging pad

Still keen on Apple's doomed AirPower charger? Mophie's gone and made the next best thing. The accessories-maker has come out with its own 3-in-1 wireless charging pad. The only downside? It's a little less smart than the AirPower was supposed to be. 

It’s a date: Samsung’s new Galaxy Note will be unveiled on 7 August

We always knew this day would come. The skies aflame, the raiders bursting through the barricades. We tried our best to stop them but Samsung’s releasing another Galaxy Note. And the official day has been set, for 7 August this year. Just as the prophecies foretold. If you count several leakers as prophets, that is. Word on the street has long had Samsung’s next Unpacked event taking p...[Read More]

Don’t panic Huawei owners. The Chinese phone maker says your phone will get Android Q

We've all had questions, ever since it first was announced that Huawei is losing access to Google's Android operating system. There was talk of a backup OS (which may or may not happen), a delayed notebook, and through it all Huawei has remained... remarkably calm.

Activision details multiplayer features for Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty series is all about making as much cash for Activision's shareholders as possible. Hence, all the microtransactions. And since Fortnight and PUBG have mobile versions, it was only a matter of time before Call of Duty Mobile appeared. 

We want to flip things Upside Down with this Stranger Things Lego set (and it’s heading to SA)

It's no secret that the Stuff team are massive fans of Stranger Things, Netflix's nostalgia-fuelled horror series. It might be the late 1980s aesthetic, the often low-key horror elements (which come off like well-executed Stephen King), and the fact that the storylines are just so good. Which makes us perfect targets for this Stranger Things-themed Lego set, simply called The Upside Down. 

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is official, flexible, and we want one now

With an opening act that sounded more like the intro for an old-school Disney film, Samsung's Unpacked 2019 event jumped right into the reveal of the Galaxy Fold. Yeah, that name's official. And appropriate. 

Netflix adds another Marvel show to the cancelled pile – Daredevil is no more

It’s proving to be a tough time for fans of Netflix’s Marvel shows — another series has been axed. Blind lawyer Matt Murdock’s Daredevil has been retired, according to an announcement by the streaming company. The most recent season, Season 3, is officially the series’ last. This makes Daredevil the third Marvel series to be canned in as many months. Iron Fist was kno...[Read More]

DJI announces the Osmo Pocket, their smallest handheld camera and gimbal

So your social media cachet depends on having the very best video in your shared news feed but you don’t have film production money to throw at the dilemma? DJI’s got you covered — the drone-maker has announced the DJI Osmo Pocket. Which, if you know your DJI product lineup, sounds like a very portable gimbal. And camera, as it happens. The DJI Osmo Pocket is a fairly logical pro...[Read More]

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