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Mark your calendars: Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy S9 on 25 February

We’ve been expecting to hear something new about Samsung’s Galaxy S9 ever since the company confirmed that it would be announcing the device at this year’s MWC. Now we’ve gotten our hands on the official invitation and that means it’s time to pick it apart in hopes of learning something more. Though if we’re going to be quite blunt, it’s hard not to see wh...[Read More]

One more thing: Apple announces iPhone X (pronounced iPhone Ten)

Apple had “one more thing” for us, because of course they did. The iPhone X, which is the iPhone Ten if you’re taking about it (nobody’s going to be calling it the X, folks), is indeed a thing and it’s indeed a whole lot of screen. A whole lot of OLED screen. For a change, the rumours were mostly right. That designer screen The rumours being mostly right also means th...[Read More]

Apple returns to glass, skips the S, announces iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

We’re not quite sure what we were expecting. There was a lot of confusion about what Apple was going to call this year’s handset updates. The official word has gone out, though, and Apple has decided to skip the S. That’s right, meet the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. So right about now, you’re probably wondering what the official word has to say about the phone. Not to worry,...[Read More]

Samsung Note 8: Everything you need to know

Samsung unveiled its new, highly anticipated Note 8 device at an event in New York City today and, as tends to be the case with mobile phone launches these days, the rumour mill was spot-on when it comes to the key features. A dual-camera setup, 6.3in “Infinity Display”, 6GB of RAM, 64GB of storage (expandable by a further 256GB via microSD) and a slew of new software features are all ...[Read More]

Nokia 8 is go for launch on 16 August

All of the leaks can’t be correct all of the time and that’s certainly the case with the Nokia 8. Recently revealed in a hard-to-deny image leak, the Nokia 8 was initially thought to have a 31 July announcement date. That was wrong. Instead, we’re going to be getting our first official look at the Nokia 8 on 16 August, the date that Nokia HMD have chosen for a London unveiling fo...[Read More]

Facebook tops 2 billion monthly users, has designs on rest of world

Facebook has been posting some very Dr Evil-like numbers of late and their newest is also their largest yet. The social network is very pleased with itself, announcing that it has topped 2 billion monthly active users for the first time. That’s a decent jump over February this year and adds up to an awful lot of data being voluntarily shared around the world, with the company drilling down i...[Read More]

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 sells more than 5 million units (and there’s a lot of year left to go)

Samsung’s well on its way to complete its bounce-back from 2016, with their new Galaxy S8 handset selling in excess of 5 million phones since launch. We already knew that Samsung was having a good year but we didn’t have anything more than vague percentages to back that up. 5 million, though… that’s a serious number for a phone that has been on the market for about six week...[Read More]

Hands-on with Samsung’s Galaxy S8 – Something to prove

Samsung has finally revealed the Galaxy S8, as well as its bigger, beefier brother the S8+, and it really had to turn the knob up to eleven and then break it off to make up for the events of 2016. We’ve had some time to actually handle the phone and we’re able to conclude that Samsung has probably achieved what they’ve set out to do. Most of our being is crying out for this hands...[Read More]

Xbox One S local availability confirmed

The wait from August last year to now has been a long one but South Africa finally has an official launch date for the Xbox One S console. The wait is almost over, as Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One S will be launching in South Africa on 13 April. That’s just before the Easter weekend break, when most of the country will be on holiday, so it’s the perfect time to get acquaint...[Read More]

Super Mario Run available on Android from tomorrow

We all know that a mobile game isn’t a mobile game until it has been released on Android. We’ve been expecting Super Mario Run to launch in the month of March but Nintendo America has at last given an official date. 23 March is the date when non-iOS phone users will be able to get their free-to-try Mario endless runner fix — which is tomorrow. Super Mario Run, in case you’v...[Read More]

LG’s G6 to arrive packing dual 13MP cameras

We already know a fair amount about the LG G6’s appearance, what the display will be like, and that it will have a fantastic battery (LG says). And now we have more than a vague idea what sort of camera the G6 is going to be packing. The LG G6 is going to sport two 13MP rear cameras, according to LG. The information was detailed on the company’s Korean-language blog, which goes on to e...[Read More]

Watch the new OnePlus 3T being unboxed in the back of a fighter jet

There’s more than one way to unbox a phone but up till now we’d never seen anyone try to do it from the inside of a fighter jet. The OnePlus 3T gets that honour, if that’s the right term for it, thanks to a video sponsored by the company for the European launch of the new handset. The company got one Jake Paul to do the unboxing while in the back of a jet, sourced from the Czech ...[Read More]

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