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Get the new Apple iPhone 11-series for cheaper when you trade in your old iPhone

Apple rolled out its trade-in programme after the launch of the iPhone 11, which will allow anyone who has an iPhone 7 and up to save some money when they upgrade at the iStore.

Apple’s iPhone 11 features a new design and a splash of colour

We have seen the future and it is colourful. Apple's made the iPhone 11 official and it looks for all the world like the budget iPhones we've seen in the past. You know, quirky design and colourful options (including purple, yellow, red, and black). But this is the base model, rather than something featuring stripped back hardware

Apple will unveil its new iPhones on 10 September, “By innovation only”

We've been expecting this: Apple's made this year's iPhone day official and, as was estimated earlier this month, the day's going to be 10 September. 

Apple will release three ‘iPhone 11’ models this year, with new CPU, cameras and haptics tech

It's almost September, which means that we're rapidly approaching iPhone month, and a new report claims that Apple's got three iPhone 11 models headed our way. Even better, there's a decent amount of info about concerning the device's specs. 

iPhone 11 rumoured to launch with triple cameras, square camera bump

We're a long way out from Apple's annual iPhone reveal but that doesn't mean that folks aren't still (always) trying to puzzle what's coming next from the company. The newest talk about town? Apple's going to be hopping on the triple-camera bandwagon for the iPhone 11. And if it's true, helped along with an apparent design leak, we're not really sold on the design. It doesn't feel like something A...[Read More]

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