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Light Start: Reverse wireless iPhones, Mr Stark is back, an iOS 13 exploit and no more BMW i3s

This week in light start: The new iPhones have a secret, Iron Man may return to the MCU in Phase 4, iOS 13 has a security bug and the plug pulled on i3.

BMW to use i3 batteries to take a crack at the home power game

Call it an idea whose time has come if you like but we’re expecting every car manufacturer dabbling or producing electric vehicles of their own to also extend feelers into homes, by supplying storage batteries created using their EV R&D. BMW is just the latest company to do so, announcing a “…stationary energy storage system solution integrating its BMW i3 vehicle batteryR...[Read More]

BMW details their new i3 electric car

BMW have made their new all-electric i-series i3 vehicle official, detailing the capabilities of the company’s new EV. BMW says that the i3 can reach a top speed of 150km/h using the eDrive electric motor, generating 170 horsepower/125 kW with torque of 230Nm. It can hit 60km/h in under four seconds and tops 100km/h in just 7.2 seconds, impressive figures for an all-electric solution. Range ...[Read More]

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