How electric cars will change South Africa — BMW i3 review


The future is electric, and we’re seeing more and more vehicle manufacturers announce electric vehicles. At this stage, the BMW i3 is one of the most accessible small EVs available in South Africa.

There are only about 900 electric cars in South Africa — but they may be a brilliant solution for the gas-guzzling world we inhabit. Toby Shapshak test drives the BMW i3 — Find out why he’s convinced electric cars will be the next frontier in tech innovation.

A new EV charging initiative called GridCars can even help consumers travel anywhere in South Africa, regardless of the range. The i3 has a relatively short range at around 300km, but GridCars’ infrastructure on all main routes will help improve this range.


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  1. How does Nissan continue to get media credits when they haven’t actually sold a Leaf in four years in this country?

  2. If I had R800 000 for a BMW I3, I would take that money, move to the USA and buy a Tesla model 3 with the remaining cash. We are getting f***ed in South Africa.

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