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Amazon finally answers how many Alexa devices have been sold

Amazon has finally revealed how many Alexa devices have been sold, handing out the figure before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019) kicked off in Vegas this week. This is pretty momentous on its own, as Amazon has dodged the question in the past. All told, more than 100 million Alexa devices have been sold. Amazon revealed that they have sold 100 million Alexa devices — an impressive f...[Read More]

Digital assistants like Alexa and Siri might not be offering you the best deals

Your home digital assistant is always listening. But is it always offering you the best content, the cheapest deals, and the right search results? Digital assistant devices such as Alexa, Google Home, Siri and Cortana are increasingly prevalent. These devices listen for every command, their platforms know where you are, and they have a deep and evolving understanding of your preferences. But there...[Read More]

Samsung enters the home assistant space with the Galaxy Home

Samsung announced its first smart speaker, the Galaxy Home, at the company’s Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked event. Powered by the company’s virtual voice assistant, Bixby, the Home also promises to work well as a multi-room audio solution, particularly given Samsung’s other audio-related announcement last night: it’s snuggled up to Spotify as it’s official streaming audio par...[Read More]

Do I want an always-on digital assistant listening in all the time?

The smart device market is exploding. Smart home kits for retrofitting “non-smart” houses have become cheaper. Earlier this year, Apple released the HomePod speaker, the company’s response to dominant smart devices Google Home and Amazon Echo. Amazon, too, is expanding its lineup. Recently, it debuted the Amazon Echo Look, promising to make users more stylish. All of these smart devices are equipp...[Read More]

Apple’s HomePod may be South Africa’s best smart speaker option

The rumours told us a speaker was coming, and as usual, they were spot on. Called the HomePod, Apple’s promising Alexa-like speech recognition, but with Sonos-grade sound. It’s also the centre of Apple’s envisioned connected home and a way to get us all using Siri more. But more importantly for South African consumers, it’s a smart speaker we might actually get here. Given ...[Read More]

What we know about Google Home and why we want it

Right, so we’ve known about Google Home since May, but today we learnt a bit more and now we want it. In fact, we might want it even more than the Alexa-powered Amazon Echo smart speaker… but more on that later. First, a quick recap. Like Amazon’s Echo, Google Home constantly listens out for you to call on it (which is pretty creepy, but we’re willing to ignore like an R...[Read More]

Google’s Home is a bonkers speaker you can chat to

You probably ask Google 100 things every day – but now you’re going to do it with your voice instead of your keyboard. And Google’s even built a new smart speaker for you to converse with. The search titan’s head honcho Sundar Pichai kicked off the I/O dev conference with Google Assistant, the latest version of the “OK Google” voice assistant built into Android ...[Read More]

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