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Keep the spoilers at bay — how to survive Game of Thrones season 8

'Tis the time to be vigilant, because many a foe on the interwebs will try to spoil each weekly instalment of the last season of Game of Thrones.

Why do we mix up faces? Game of Thrones might help us find the answer

In the Game of Thrones universe, confusing a photograph of actor Jack Gleeson, who played the popular HBO TV show’s despised sadist Joffrey Baratheon, for one of Maisie Williams, the beloved Arya Stark, is an egregious case of mistaken identity.

Game of Thrones: Season 8 (The Trailer) is finally here

Are you excited for mid-April 2019? If you're not, you're either working over the holiday weekend or you're not a Game of Thrones fan. The immensely-popular series is coming to an end but every conclusion needs a beginning. The first official trailer for Game of Thrones Season 8? That qualifies.

Khal Drogo confirmed for Comic Con Africa 2018

Hold onto your females, because Jason Momoa is the first A-lister announced for the the first instalment of Comic Con Africa. He is set to to grace us with his presence at the event later this year. The Game of Thrones and Justice League actor will be attending the event on 15 and 16 September this year, and will be available for autographs and memories.  Jason Momoa is well-known for his part in ...[Read More]

Game of Thrones – TV Show of the Year 2016

Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter may have made fantasy acceptable in the mainstream but it was Game of Thrones that made it cool. Six plot-dense seasons (with number seven on the way shortly) have so far charted the rise and fall of claimants to the Iron Throne, never tiring of gleefully flinging your way scenes packed full of blood, politics, swords, sex, and dragons — often at the same t...[Read More]

Light Start – A drone delivers, GoT Season 6, Facebook: Word Hunter, and Aido

The first drone delivery at sea has taken place, package dropped from 5 metres We’re waiting for drones to start delivering things like socks and DVDs and all the usual detritus of life that clutters up our time. But first: Drones have completed their first delivery at sea. Maersk Tankers claims to have completed a test delivery to a tanker at sea, a test which took place near Denmark. It in...[Read More]

Light Start – UV stickers, 360 GoPro, a Hyperloop update, and the fate of John Snow

L’Oréal’s UV patch will indicate sunburn, won’t help much in cases of extreme insults There’s getting a burn and then there’s getting a burn. And while it might be devastating to have your friends or a random stranger completely destroy your self-confidence, sunburn tends to have much more lethal effects in large enough doses. Cosmetics company L’Oréal has come up with a wa...[Read More]

Telltale teams with film studio Lionsgate to create hybrid game/TV show

Telltale Games has been highly successful in its own special niche: video games that appeal to lovers of TV series and comics. The episodic format of titles such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones mirrors that of a TV show closely enough to keep players coming back for more – albeit at the expense them feeling more like interactive storybooks than actual “games”. Telltale’s ...[Read More]

You know nothing, do not pass King’s Landing, do not collect 200 Dragons – Game of Thrones Monopoly is coming

Got your sights set on the Iron Throne? Planning on ousting the Spider, Littlefinger, the Lannisters (except Tyrion, he’s cool) and the Starks in your quest to take over King’s Landing – just in time for snow zombies to show up and put your land under siege? Then the upcoming Game of Thrones edition of Monopoly might be just what you’re looking for. Announced on the Game of...[Read More]

Watch the Game of Thrones theme re-created using LittleBigPlanet 3

And they tell us that video games won’t allow you to be creative. Witness below proof to the contrary, the work of two LittleBigPlanet 3 gamers Aaaaalec and Jamie Colliver who have used the in-game creator from LBP 3 to re-create the theme for hit assassination-and-pantlessness series Game of Thrones. It’s obviously not as detailed as the pre-rendered opening sequence for the Westeros-...[Read More]

Game of Thrones episodic game series features TV voice cast, five intertwined stories

Telltale Games established itself as a master of episodic video game storytelling with The Walking Dead, and for its next trick, the studio is teaming with one of the best shows on television today. Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series is due to begin very soon, and the studio has unleashed the first trailer for episode one, which is titled Iron from Ice. We get our first official glimpse of t...[Read More]

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