DStv launches a binge channel featuring HBO shows


Just in time, eh? As South Africans get used to their new way of life in isolation, DStv has announced it’s launching a special pop-up channel called M-Net Binge. 

The new channel will feature critically acclaimed series, documentaries and films from HBO. It’ll be available on both DStv Premium and Compact Plus subscriptions from today, Friday 27 March on channel 114. The catch is, it’ll only function between 18:00 and 6:00. The channel will open tonight at 19:00.

Why only twelve hours a day, you ask? Well, knowing HBO, the content isn’t particularly child and family-friendly. Most of it’s kinda racy and age-restricted material, which is not suitable for daytime viewing. If you catch our drift. 

On M-Net Binge, you’ll see titles like The Newsroom, Band of Brothers, Game of Thrones, The Night Of, Six Feet Under, Banshee and The Leftovers and Girls. On Saturdays, you’ll get to see some of HBO’s best thought-provoking documentaries up until 21:00, after which you’ll get to watch a rerun of Game of Thrones. 

What makes this cool, is that DStv subscribers will get access to content previously only seen on Showmax, like His Dark Materials, Succession, and Sex & The City,


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  1. Fana Malinga on

    Dstv z so messed up why z this channel not playing on dstv easy view access the one for R29 or w r not regarded as a part of dstv subscribers?

  2. Kelwit saraz on

    I struggling to upgrade my package bcz if this lockdown, bcz I don’t have an S.A. ID I’m stuck , but I have an acc in my name

  3. What has happened to Homeland, Vienna Blood and Killing Eve? They appear to have disappeared from Catchup and we are left stranded halfway through the series.

    • They probably only bought screening rights from HBO for only a few months since they already have an expensive deal with Showmax, the channel was just a pop-up got the lockdown

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