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Google won’t sync images between Drive and Photos anymore

Google has decided to change the way Photos and Drive work together because apparently its users are confused by the platforms and their functions.

Beta yourself: Dropbox

This file-sharing service might flit around at the edge of your consciousness, but Dropbox is an essential install on desktop and mobile alike.

Google has announced their cloud-based gaming platform, called Stadia

Google officially announced a new gaming platform called Stadia. This time around, though, it’s not a console, or any hardware for that matter...

Build your own website with GoDaddy – now available in SA

One of the world’s largest website hosting providers, GoDaddy, just launched in South Africa. And they want to get small South African businesses connected.

Microsoft launches new Azure datacentres in Johannesburg, Cape Town

Microsoft has brought new Azure datacentres to South Africa, based in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The datacentres are the company's "...first enterprise-grade datacenters in Africa", and will be instrumental in connecting the country (and the continent) with Microsoft's services. 

Dropbox announces Extensions to optimise your workflow

First there was just cloud storage, where you could keep your files at an off-site and ‘lofty’ location and little else, and now it’s possible to do just about anything with files stored in versatile applications like Dropbox and Google Drive. Can it get better? Yes it can. Dropbox has announced a new feature called Extensions, that integrates specific third-party software apps into th...[Read More]

Forget the ‘cloud’, soon we’ll be on the ‘edge’ when it comes to smart tech

Time travel to the UK in 2025: Harry is a teenager with a smartphone and Pauline is a senior citizen with Alzheimer’s who relies on smart glasses for independent living. Harry is frustrated his favourite online game is slow, and Pauline is anxious since her healthcare app is unresponsive. Forbes predicts that by 2025 more than 80 billion devices, from wearables and smartphones, to factory and smar...[Read More]

Flickr users will need to do a photograph spring clean, and soon

Yahoo-owned photo sharing service Flickr is implementing a few drastic changes to its service that would see users’ content disappear if they don’t act soon. Flickr has decided to reduce the cloud storage capacity for their free-tier users. What was once 1TB will be skimmed down to a mere 1000-picture capacity., with plans to start deleting excess images early next year if users fail to clear up t...[Read More]

How secure is your data when it’s stored in the cloud?

As cloud storage becomes more common, data security is an increasing concern. Companies and schools have been increasing their use of services like Google Drive for some time, and lots of individual users also store files on Dropbox, Box, Amazon Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and the like. They’re no doubt concerned about keeping their information private – and millions more users might store data onli...[Read More]

It’s not just Facebook that goes down: the cloud isn’t as robust as we think

The computing cloud we have created supports much of our day-to-day office and leisure activity, from office email to online shopping and sharing holiday photos. Even health, social care and government functions are moving towards digital delivery over the internet. However, we should be wary that as we become more dependent on it, the cracks will show. The systems are often a patchwork of interco...[Read More]

Microsoft doubles free OneDrive storage, drops sub pricing from next month

Microsoft has fired the first salvo in a storage war (we dearly hope) by announcing that they’re giving OneDrive users more than double the free storage that they had in the past. A new post over at the OneDrive blog details just what Microsoft has changed with regards to storage and storage plans but what you really need to know is that free storage has jumped from 7GB to 15GB. The second t...[Read More]

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