Snowflake extends the power of the data cloud by launching in South Africa

Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, has officially arrived in South Africa and will kick off with an insightful virtual event on 2 June, aimed at a business audience.
Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, is inviting key role players within the business sector to attend their launch event in South Africa, taking place on 2 June at 10am.
The Data Cloud is a global network where thousands of organisations mobilise data with near-unlimited scale, concurrency and performance. Inside the Data Cloud, organisations unite their siloed data, easily discover and securely share governed data, and execute diverse analytic workloads. Wherever data or users live, Snowflake delivers a single and seamless experience across multiple public clouds.
The event will inform attendees on how the Data Cloud can power their organisation’s data strategies, and help them deliver innovative and industry-leading products and services to clients. Additionally, they will hear from Snowflake customer Tyme Bank about its data journey; learn how to drive data transformation with Tableau; and take an in-depth look into the platform’s newest features and capabilities during the technical workshop and product demo at the end.
If you’re a business leader wanting to take full advantage of the Data Cloud to power your competitive advantage, a business intelligence expert wanting to gain maximum insight from the available data within the least amount of time, or a tech team leader needing help harnessing the power of the cloud so that your team can focus on high-value data endeavours – this launch event is geared towards you.
The speaker line-up is as follows:
10:00 to 10:15
Snowflake introduction and welcome
– Markus Schmaus, Regional Manager UK and South Africa, Snowflake
10:15 to 10:45
Hear from a customer: Tyme Bank
– Shirley Querl, Manager: Enterprise Data, TymeBank
10:45 to 11:00
Drive data transformation with Tableau
– Kate Skrypchenko, Senior Sales Manager, Tableau
11:00 to 12:30
Optional: Snowflake virtual hands-on lab
– John Kogel, CEO & Co-Founder, Vantage

Find out more about the agenda here and sign up here.

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