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Test drive and kit out your ideal Audi in VR before buying it

The first South African Audi Customer Private Lounge (CPL) has opened at Audi Centre Centurion which enables you to experience a new car with VR tech.

Light Start – Sega Genesis Mini, Shelley the self-driving Audi, Swamp Thing, and Valve Index

This week on Light Start, we have a small games console, a self-driving car, a Swamp Thing, and Valve's own version of virtual reality.

The LA Auto Show 2018 in pictures

The LA Auto Show is underway this week in, you guessed it, Los Angeles, and if we had to sum it up in two words they’d be “electric vehicles”. If we had to sum it up in six words, they’d be “electric vehicles: so hot right now”. Seriously. Just about every big manufacturer has an EV — or at the very least, a hybrid or three — to show off for the even...[Read More]

Audi unveils its first all-electric vehicle, the E-tron SUV

Hot on the heels (or wheels) of Jaguar announcing its plans to roll out more than 80 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations around South Africa by the end of November, Audi has taken the wraps off its first all-electric car, the E-tron SUV, at a press event in San Francisco. The E-tron is powered by a pair of electrical motors producing over 300kW of power that’ll send it from 0-100km/h in ...[Read More]

Audi and Huawei are teaming up to develop Intelligent Connected Vehicles

In order to have smarter cars we’re going to have to connect them to the internet, to each other, and other things on the side of the road. Audi seems to understand that and they’re bringing in Huawei to help them to connect their vehicles. The two companies have announced a partnership that will see them developing so-called “Intelligent Connected Vehicles” together. These...[Read More]

Light Start – Audi and Porsche, the sounds of SpaceX, V30 upgrade, and going Solo

Audi and Porsche are getting together to make EVs There’s more in common between the Porsche and Audi brands than the casual observer might think. They’re both German and they’re also both owned by VW. They’re also shared car components in the past (notably a chassis)  and now the two brands will be collaborating on an electric vehicle platform, one that is expected begin r...[Read More]

Audi’s A8 means business, business class, that is

When you think of chauffeur-driven cars you probably think of Maybach’s, Bentley’s, Mercs, BMWs and blue lights. We certainly do. But Audi is hoping to add its forthcoming A8 to that list. The German automaker has unveiled the fourth generation of the 8 at its Audi Summit in Barcelona, and it’s the long-wheelbase A8 L that’s really got our attention, along with the automati...[Read More]

Audi and Volvo will soon be turn out Android devices of their own

Okay, so maybe the headline is a little misleading. Technically both Audi and Volvo will be making their own Android devices but before you get too excited about an Audi smartphone (which we would totally buy, FYI), we’re referring to the two auto-makers including Android in upcoming vehicles. Yup, that’s a thing now. Has been for a while now, but Google snagging two of the world’...[Read More]

The best electric cars to get excited about in 2017

You’re not still pumping petrol into your car, are you? Neanderthal. If the monumental price of fuel hasn’t already got you wishing for an all-electric future, we’ve cherry-picked a list of the most exciting battery-powered cars on the horizon. These aren’t just 21st century golf-carts, either: some have the performance to put traditional motors to shame. Each one is guaranteed to get you re...[Read More]

Light Start – New iPhones on sale today, archiving GIFs, Obama’s lame sci-fi list, and the end of the R8 e-tron

iPhone, you phone For some people, today is the most exciting day of 2016. How come? Because it’s the day the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus officially go on sale in South Africa, and if you’ve pre-ordered one with your favourite mobile operator or your local iStore, you’re probably all ready in the queue to collect it. On the upside, at least it’s probably a pretty short queue. W...[Read More]

Light Start – The A Team: FitBit Alta, Alto’s Adventure, Audi’s ad, and advertising assistance

In case you don’t like Blaze-ing it, Fitbit intros the fashion-conscious Alta It’s pretty safe to say that the world at large wasn’t that fond of the Fitbit Blaze, though we have it on good authority that the wearable looks better in person. No matter, though, as Fitbit have come out with the Alta. The new wearable is set to go on sale for $130 (R2,100) and you’re going to ...[Read More]

Audi starts production of green “e-diesel” fuel

Could your next car run on e-diesel? Developed by Audi, it’s a synthetic liquid fuel that doesn’t require the use of any standard mineral oil – its main components being carbon dioxide, water and ambient air. The latter two are in plentiful supply all around us, obviously, while the CO2 is mainly extracted from biogas (the byproduct of decomposing organic matter, which we imagine smells really bad...[Read More]

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