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LG’s G8X will feature an in-display fingerprint reader

We’re used to LG releasing its phones more than once — there are a few instances of that in the company’s history. The next phone to get another release is the third (fourth? No, third) edition of the LG G8 — the LG G8X. Which, before you ask, is different from the LG G8S.

LG’s newest take on its 2019 flagship is thought to appear at the IFA conference that takes place in Berlin, Germany in September this year. The updated device, if the most recent leak is to be believed, will be the first LG smartphone to feature an in-display fingerprint reader. How do we know this? Well, the standard rear-centred FP scanner appears to be missing. Also: leaks.


LG will apparently drop some of its previous authentication options in favour of the in-display sensor. The rear fingerprint reader will obviously depart, but LG will get rid of the front-facing face scanner as well. Whether LG drops the odd palm-scanner too, remains to be seen. We kinda hope so — that was a strange one.

LG’s Crystal Sound OLED audio oddity may also be absent. The render (above) shows that LG’s opted for a more traditional speaker system, rather than using the OLED display to vibrate sounds to life. That is, assuming the render is correct. The Verge points out that @OnLeaks’ renders, based on leaked CAD files, may not be final. Given how LG does incremental work on its flagships, however, these could well be the final files. In which case, in-display sensors and regular speakers for everyone!

Whether this will help LG’s sales slump — one experienced by a lot of the industry, to be fair — remains to be seen. There are no other details concerning other device specs, meaning we’re not really sure at this stage why you’d pick the LG G8X over… either of the earlier two devices. Speaker choice and fingerprint readers don’t seem like very compelling variables at all. Here’s hoping there’s something more interesting on the cards at IFA 2019.

Source: @OnLeaks via The Verge

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