Steve Wozniak aims for the stars with a new space startup, Privateer


Joining the list of tech moguls who have their eyes (and wallets) set on outer space this week, is Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. While not a whole lot is known about the endeavour, Wozniak tweeted a short promotional video for the new space-faring company (well, that’s what we assume it does) called Privateer today. 

Wozniak’s not keen on the space race

While we know the company will have something to do with space, no one’s quite sure what yet. The promotional video drops a few one-liners about making the world a better place, but not much in line with the company’s actual goals or purpose.

“A Private space company is starting up, unlike the others,” Wozniak’s tweet reads. So, it’ll do something in space, but something different to the other space companies? The promotional video echos this sentiment, 

“It’s up to us to work together to do what is right and what is good,” the narrator says. “So here’s to taking care of what we have so the next generation can be better together.”

Going off this, the company may focus on space and planet sustainability. The video even goes as far as calling out certain existing space companies (take note, Bezos), by displaying footage of a climate march and the statement, “this isn’t a race”. Which is an obvious reference to the Cold War-era space race. 

The company’s website is currently in stealth mode, but reiterates that “The sky is no longer the limit.” Wozniak and the other founders will reveal the company in more detail at the AMOS (Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies) conference in Hawaii which kicks off today. 

Source: Cnet


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