Samsung targeting a 576MP camera sensor by 2025


Samsung has, over the past few years, released increasingly more bonkers smartphone sensors, first offering its users a 64MP camera before jumping to 108MP and, soon, a 200MP smartphone camera. But the company’s got an even larger number in mind for its cameras — 576MP.

Samsung’s eye on the future

The company has revealed, through a presentation made by the company’s head of automotive sensors, Haechang Lee, at the SEMI Europe Summit earlier this month, that it’s looking at having a 576MP camera sensor available by about 2025.

But since Samsung has previously said that camera sensors and human eyes reach parity at around 500MP, it’s quite likely that a 576MP sensor will only find use in smartphones under very exceptional (i.e. advertising) circumstances. On a practical level, we’re far more likely to see it acting as a sensor for motor vehicles, drones or in medical equipment — you know, stuff that doesn’t have to fit in a pocket. We dare say that, in a few years, if the company finds a way to pack a 576MP sensor and a compatible image processor into a smartphone, they’ll probably also include it in a smartphone with the word ‘Ultra’ at the end of it.


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