Realme will reveal its new Android tablet next week


Realme, an emerging tech company based in India and China, will launch the brand’s first tablet offering on the 9th of September. That’s next week Thursday. Realme CEO Madhav Sheth tweeted the announcement this morning. 

Realme is padding the tablet market

From the tweet and the company’s event page on its website, it looks like one of the key selling points is it’s slightly thinner than the competition. No mention of which competition that is. From the image, it looks like an Android tablet but that doesn’t really narrow it down. 

We hope there is more to the tablet than the 0.6mm difference between it and the “competition”. If the leaks are accurate, it appears that Realme is targeting the budget to midrange market.

The design for the Realme Pad draws a lot of… uhhh… inspiration from the latest generation of iPads. The boxy sides and laser-cut rounded edges mean from the right angle it might be tough to tell them apart if it wasn’t for that 0.6mm thickness difference.

Let’s be real

The internal specs are a step away from Apple’s iPads. The specs are much closer to Xiaomi’s Pad 5 range that launched last month. On paper, the rumoured 10.4in display and a resolution of 1080×2400 doesn’t look too bad. But most of the other budget offerings from the competition offer higher refresh rates. If the Realme Pad doesn’t, it will be a real shame. A Snapdragon 765G chipset, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage make up the rest of the internals. 

The new pad is expected to come with one 8MP camera on the back and another on the front. Apparently, the pad will get its juice from a 7100mAh battery that will also support 30W fast charging via the USB-C port. It would be fantastic if it supports Realmes’s new magnetic charging tech, but it could still be a little early for that.

We’ll need to wait for the 9th to see which of these specs, if any, are what we’re actually getting and for the price and availability. The tablet will, like most of their other devices, launch in India and China first. We doubt the company will bring them here itself so if you’re a Realme fan, you’ll need to import one when they’re available. 


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