This electric motorcycle tops out at 400kmph


I think at this point the tech-minded world at large has reached a consensus: EV’s are cool, period. This EV, (a motorcycle) is one of the coolest. The WMC250EV is designed for one thing and one thing alone — speed. And its makers have their sights set on a land speed record. 

Hole-y mother of motorcycles

So first things first. The WMC250, made by White Motorcycle Concepts, is an electric motorbike. As much as we love to harp on about electric engines, they can sometimes struggle to reach the same level of explosive power as traditional combustion engines. This bike solves that problem. Firstly, it’s got the motorcycle equivalent to 4-wheel drive. Which is just… 2-wheel drive. But different 2-wheel drive. You get it?

The front wheel is powered by two 30kW electric motors, while the front wheel is cranked by a pair of 20kW motors. Result? A sweet 100kW of raw power (134 horsepower, says Top Gear), and the ability to gain back some lost energy thanks to regenerative braking. 

But here’s the real secret to the WM250’s speed. It’s got a hole right through the middle of it. A great, big, aerodynamic hole, like if someone took a massive drill and skewered the bike with it. The result? An apparent 69% drag reduction, which is pretty damn significant. The design is called V-air. 

When you’re trying to set a land you’re probably going to want to optimise everything you can. We just find it a little funny that so much optimisation can be gained by punching a hole through your bike. Science, ey?

Robert White is the man in charge of driving (more like piloting, to be honest) the WM250 to victory. He’s the founder and CEO of White Motorcycle Concepts and has over 22 years of experience in top-level motorsports, like Formula One. 

He plans to break both the British and international electric land speed records in the next year. The current record holder, Max Biaggi, peaked on an electric motorcycle at 254mph (402kmph) in his two runs in opposite directions across a flying mile. His average speed was 228mph (360kmph). White is confident the WM250EV can top that.


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