Twitter opens applications for Super Follow, Ticketed Spaces, and shares with Instagram


Have you ever seen a profile on Twitter and been so interested that you wished you could give them your money? Wait, really? You have? Well, Twitter thought you might like this then. Earlier this month, the company announced its new features, Super Follow and Ticketed Spaces and has since opened applications to begin testing them. 

Twitter has now opened these features up for testing. Well, we say ‘opened’ but it isn’t really. The company will be selecting a “small group” of applicants in the US to test these new features. Applications are open through the company’s mobile app but there are, of course, restrictions. 

Super Follow me over there

Both tests are only available to US users for now. Super Follow, presently only available on iOS, has its own criteria a creator must meet if they want to charge their followers actual money. They’ll need to be at least 18 years old, post nearly every day (25 tweets in the last 30 days) and have at least 10,000 followers.

Ticketed Spaces is open to a slightly wider audience, being available on both iOS and Android. It is the company’s answer to Clubhouse, a live social audio room app where users host an audio room and people can join to listen in. 

In this testing phase, participants will keep 97% of the revenue they make using Super Follow and Ticketed Spaces until they make a total of $50,000 across both systems. Then Twitter’s revenue split will increase to a 20% share. 

Senior product manager Esther Crawford tweeted that “we want to ensure that emerging voices are able to earn money, which is why they’ll be eligible to earn a larger share starting out. … Earning $50K+ from Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces shows that you’re getting value from these features and that they’re helping you make real [money with wings emoji].”

Twitter keeps on giving

Just when you thought Twitter couldn’t possibly give any more, they do. Aside from the monetised features, they’ll be bringing back a way to share tweets directly to your Instagram stories. So now you won’t have to post your badly cropped tweet screenshots or use any more unnecessary storage on your phone.

This feature isn’t entirely new. It was available way back before Instagram was bought by Facebook. After the acquisition, Instagram dropped support for Twitter cards in order to boost its own online presence.

Now that it’s back, who knows. Maybe we’ll begin seeing more cross-app integration. Because if there’s one thing everyone needs right now, it’s all of the apps with all your data being able to talk to each other and plot our demise. Haha. Just kidding. But seriously…


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