Jeff Bezos will launch into space on a Blue Origin rocket next month


Former Amazon CEO and occasionally the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos is about to add another accolade to his list of achievements. Bezos is heading to space, giving us the perfect opportunity to resurface this deepfake video of Bezos and Elon Musk facing off as members of a Star Trek episode.

Jeff Bezos to blast off


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Okay, so he’s not going quite deep enough into space to be abducted by aliens and have his cranium expanded, but he will make it into space — probably because Elon Musk hasn’t done it yet. Those are the benefits of owning your own rocket company, we suppose.

Bezos announced his trip on Instagram (because where else do you make an announcement like this in 2021?), saying that he would take a trip to the edge of space on a Blue Origin rocket. He’ll be taking his brother Mark along on the 20 July mission that’ll see the multi-billionaire travel above the Kármán line (which is 100km straight up from sea level) in one of Blue Origin’s Crew Capsules, lifted by a New Shepard rocket. From there, the capsule will detach and land (hopefully, for Jeff and Mark’s sake) independently somewhere in the Texas desert.

And, if you’ve got more than $3 million lying around, there’s one more seat on the rocket up for auction. It might be worth it just to sit next to Bezos on the flight and ask him to finance your new startup idea. He’s got all the money, after all.


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