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Light Start – Bezos on space, Musk on satellites, I am Mother, and Batwoman

In this week's Light Start, we've got a whole lotta space - thanks to both Bezos and Musk, as well as Netflix with I am Mother. Also: Batwoman.

Light Start – VW Pikes Peak, tickets to space, Leica wristwatches, and DB FighterZ for Switch

VW’s EV blasts up Pikes Peak in less than eight minutes If you’re Volkswagen, you’ve got to be feeling pretty good about yourself right now. The VW Motorsport team has taken their ID R Pikes Peak electric race car and climbed, well, Pikes Peak — setting a new record in the process. The EV managed the ascent in under eight minutes, at an average speed of about 145km/h. The c...[Read More]

Light Start – Home-made Switch, big Blue rocket, an auto-dozer, and JCVJ

Can’t find a Switch in stores? Might as well make your own So you’re keen on the Nintendo Switch but less impressed with the console’s range of titles. You could always take a page out of YouTube user Tim Lindquist’s book and make your own version of the console. You can see most of the project, greatly speeded up, at the video above. Perhaps the most impressive thing about...[Read More]

Private companies are launching a new space race – here’s what to expect

The space race between the USA and Russia started with a beep from the Sputnik satellite 60 years ago (October 4, 1957) and ended with a handshake in space just 18 years later. The handshake was the start of many decades of international collaboration in space. But over the past decade there has been a huge change. The space environment is no longer the sole preserve of government agencies. Privat...[Read More]

Light Start – Blue Origin chutes, GPS tractors, a Sorting Hat, and NASA’s electric plane

Blue Origin’s failsafe tests have completed, bode well for eventual passengers Got an hour spare? Of course you do, it’s Monday morning. So check out Blue Origin’s capsule crash-test. At the same time, the company launched and landed their New Shepard rocket (again) safely but it’s the parachute-drop for the main capsule that we’re really interested in. The short vers...[Read More]

Light Start – Inside the ISS, Bugatti Chiron, sleepy Tesla, and Blue Origin to crash

Here’s a quick video tour of the International Space Station – 3D view is optional So you’re a space-nut, are you? Then you probably want to see what it looks like inside the International Space Station. We’ve all seen snippets – we don’t live underneath a rock (sorry, Patrick) – but a fully-guided tour? That’s something we’re unlikely to get u...[Read More]

Light Start – Silver magic underpants, dog treats, Blue Origin ridealong, and Hyperloop tech

Now on Kickstarter: Silver magic underpants that keep things smelling… fresh Look, where else are you going to see the worlds ‘silver magic underpants’ next to each other and not have it come from a third-rate Terry Pratchett knockoff. Light Start brings you actual silver magic underpants or nothing at all. Wait, that came out wrong. Anyhow… Danish company Organic Basics ha...[Read More]

The third flight of Blue Origin’s New Shepard

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin has been making strides in the realm of reusable spacecraft. Sure, a single mistake would have sent Blue’s New Shepard rocket tumbling into a fiery crater but a mistake hasn’t been made yet. And it’s been three flights with the same rocket, so far. Blue Origin have posted their third flight, from liftoff to their apogee some 103.8km above the Earth....[Read More]

Light Start – Cheaper space, Tesla Model 3, chainsaw drone, and Overwatch

Blue Origin is showing how cheap space travel can be with its third reusable launch Blue Origin has shown that it can crack vertical rocket landings, and the New Shepard rocket was lifted into space a second time, after a spot of cleaning, once it made its first landing. And then Blue Origin landed it again. Over the weekend the space  company sent their rocket into space for the third time before...[Read More]

Light Start – Floating Dragon, Blue Origin strikes again, Gamer Hotel, and another nasty AI

SpaceX are giving their new Dragon hover capabilities – This is what that looks like SpaceX have been operating as a cargo service for a while but they’re soon going to be transporting passengers to and from the International Space Station. Which is why their Dragon capsule is undergoing an upgrade, as this recently-released footage of the capsule hovering under its own power shows. It...[Read More]

Light Start – Rocket landings, Xiaomi tabs, Star Wars VR, Star Wars easter eggs, and easy pizza

A rocket from space has finally landed vertically – and it didn’t belong to SpaceX Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been working on adding vertical takeoff and landing capabilities to their rockets for some time, achieving it in tests but not quite nailing the landing on rockets returns from space. To be fair SpaceX has been trying to get their orbital rocket to land on a platform floating...[Read More]

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