Light Start: An OLED health sticker, Microsoft colour picker, GTA crypto collector and MagSafe cardiac kicker


Samsung’s next OLED device will track your health

In today’s segment of ‘things sci-fi movies inspired’, Samsung’s working on a flexible OLED display that’ll work as a skin patch which, in turn, will work as a fitness tracker. This flexible display technology is called “stretchable electronic skin.”

The device was developed by researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) and will attach to the user’s wrist to display vital health information and fitness tracking features. According to reports, the OLED patch is completely flexible, as well as stretchy, and will sit comfortably on top of the skin of the wearer. At the time of writing, we don’t know how the device will attach to the host, and we can only hope it’s not a sticky affair. It’ll include a PPG heart rate sensor and the “researchers tested the device by attaching it to the inner wrist near the radial artery. Doing this allowed them to confirm that the movement of the wrist did not deteriorate the display,” says Android Authority.

Apparently, the display will be able to handle up to 30% stretching over time (ie ‘sagging’), so this may indicate that it’ll be a semi-permanent feature on the skin? It can also, according to some tests, withstand over 1,000 stretches. 

Source: Android Authority

Microsoft patents a camera housed in its four-square logo

We don’t often see Microsoft patents out in the wild, and while the Microsoft Surface Duo is a perfectly awesome piece of tech (apparently, we haven’t seen it irl), a new patent could improve some design aspects. 

Reports suggest that Microsoft is working on a “logo camera” system, which will see the camera sensors housed inside its four-square logo on the back of devices. “The design would feature four cameras arranged in a square array placed beneath the screen,” Android Authority reports. It looks like the company plans to place a colour (corresponding to the logo) on each lens in the array. This means you’ll see them as blue, green, red and yellow. “When not in use, the pixels above these cameras can display the company’s logo or act as notification lights,” Android Authority reports. 

It makes sense when you consider how the development of pictures in computational photography works. The array of colours may be able to help the software produce impressive images. Apparently, three cameras will even help slim the device down, so there’s that. 

Source: Android Authority

You may earn crypto instead of cash in Grand Theft Auto 6

GTAIn recent months, the whole world has developed some understanding and opinion about cryptocurrency. The self-proclaimed emperor of Mars has been giving it more than enough clout over the past few weeks. Which means it’s just a matter of time before it makes its way into games, right Rockstar?

New leaks suggest that Grand Theft Auto 6 may see a change in in-game currency to something more… digital. Tom Henderson, a trusted game leaker (generally focused on Call of Duty and Battlefield), has claimed that some of GTA 6’s missions will allow players the opportunity to earn in-game crypto. Apparently, it won’t completely replace cash in the game, but sit alongside it, in addition to the stock market making its return to the franchise. 

Let’s be clear: take this information with a grain of salt. But it’s important to consider the market penetration of crypto recently, and we can totally see a game like Grand Theft Auto take on an in-game cryptocurrency. 

Source: TechRadar

MagSafe not so ‘safe’ for cardiac devices

MagSafeApple’s MagSafe has been on the market for years, but recently, it launched its smartphones with the capability, which means people now carry fairly powerful magnets with them everywhere they go. According to new research, MagSafe devices can interfere with pacemakers — especially when they’re placed directly over the skin or in very close proximity. 

Its effect on cardiac devices was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, in which researchers found that close contact with an iPhone 12 affected certain implantable cardiac devices. It found that this is only the case if the iPhone is placed in very close contact with the area of the pacemaker. In testing, the Association mainly used the iPhone 12 Pro Max device, but they claim that devices from other major brands (that don’t have magnets built-in), had similar magnetic ability. “Our study demonstrates that magnet reversion mode may be triggered when the iPhone 12 Pro Max is placed directly on the skin over an implantable cardiac device and thus has the potential to inhibit lifesaving therapies,” reads the report.

What does this mean? If you’re a cyber-person equipped with a cardiac device, make sure not to walk around with your smartphone in your chest pocket. You have other pockets — use ‘em. 

Source: Apple Insider


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