Apple’s AirTags have some anti-stalker features and an Android app incoming


Apple’s recently announced (and priced) AirTags, the company’s version of the device-finding Tile, were long expected but, while it’s a slick little piece of technology, it’s not perfect. There’s the little matter of the AirTag relying on what is basically a massive surveillance network, which works so well that the tiny tracker can potentially be used as a stalking tool. Well, Apple reckons it’s got a way to address that.

Avoiding AirTag animosity

See, the easiest way to track someone is to slip an AirTag into their bag or car and then use Apple’s Find My app to see where they go and, by extension, what they’re doing. Previously the trackers would start making noises after three days of being away from their owners — a software update shortens that ‘feature’ to a random time between eight and 24 hours. It’s not a perfect fix but it will alter people if they’re carrying an unwanted tracker sooner.

There’s also a feature in the Find My app on iOS that will tell iPhone users if someone else’s Tag is moving around with them. In other words, if they’re carrying a stalkery little hitchhiker in their bag. But that doesn’t help Android users much, so Apple’s got an Android app that will perform the same function coming out a little later this year. There’s no sign whether the app will allow AirTags to be used with Android devices, however — knowing Apple, you’ll still need an iDevice in order to make use of the compact tracker in more… conventional ways.

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