Apple announces AirTags


Ever lost your phone? Car keys? Anything that a small tag can be attached to? Well, Apple has you covered with the AirTag, announced during tonight’s Spring Load event. Working alongside the Find My system, which has been used by over 1 billion iPhone users, the AirTag is designed to help you figure out exactly where your lost items are. It’s not just a case of listening for a ping or a vibration, it’s using something Apple calls Precision Finding to make the process of discovery even easier.

AirTag, you’re it!

Making use of everything from haptic feedback to a gyroscope, Apple’s tracker is able to pull up an arrow on your iPhone and point you in the direction of the object you’ve stashed your tag on or in. It’s like a little compass in your iPhone that points in the direction of whatever you need to find… permitted there’s an AirTag attached to it.

Even more surprising, Apple’s AirTags don’t even sound all that expensive. You’ll be able to pick one up for $30 and a four-pack for $100. We don’t know if they’re coming to South Africa just yet but it’s most likely that they’ll wind up here eventually. It might not be this Friday, when it launches in the US, but they’ll probably get here soon when you’ll find them at the iStore.


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