Watch Dogs: Legion is getting zombies


1 June isn’t usually associated with much other than the mercury dropping in SA, but if you’re a Watch Dogs: Legion player, it just became ‘Zombie Day’. Or ‘Undead Day’.

Or ‘Day Of The Dead.’ Yeah, that’s a good one – no one’s used that before.

From today the legions of the undead will arrive in the game’s London map as part of the latest update Ubisoft is rolling out.

Dubbed Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead, the new update will see up to three players team up and fight through hordes of zombies to reach an extraction point, according to a report on IGN.

Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead

On paper this sounds like a WD:L version of the superb Left 4 Dead zombie-shooter series: fight the undead to get away and if you don’t work together as team, you’ll all die. The spice here is that, aside from obligatory headshots, players will be able to use all manner of WD:L gadgets, such as drones and hacked vehicles – maybe you’ll be able to mow down a pack of zombies with a bus?

Now the bad news: according to a report on Engadget, this update is only available on PC for now, and it’s in alpha stage. This means at the very least console jockeys will have to wait a while to get their zombie fix, and at worst it may arrive brimming with bugs.

Here’s hoping the latter doesn’t happen and that Legion Of The Dead doesn’t take too long to come to other platforms. After all, it’s been a long time since a co-op shooter of Left 4 Dead‘s ilk landed.


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