Portal movie finally “on the rails” says J.J. Abrams


Portal, that most beloved of spatial bending shooter games, may be finally headed to the silver screen.

J.J. Abrams — he of Star Trek, Star Wars and Cloverfield fame — says that a movie version of Valve’s 2008 release is still a going concern and the screenplay for it is finally being written. The director said that Warner Bros. is very excited about the project, which Abrams describes as “finally on the rails.”

Portal movie has been a long time coming

This isn’t the first time that a Portal movie has been mentioned. The Verge reports, that it first came up at the DICE summit when Abrams and Valve head honcho Gabe Newell were on stage together.

When asked about the movie at the time, Abrams told Polygon that the plan was “as real as anything in Hollywood ever gets.” That was over eight years ago so make of that statement what you will.

To be honest, we have to confess to being rather unexcited about this news. Don’t get us wrong, J.J. Abrams has made some very fine films and Portal is an incredible game (as is Portal 2). But when was the last time you saw a video game made into a film that was actually worth watching?

Seriously, tell us.

Go ahead. We’ll wait.


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