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Light Start – Sega Genesis Mini, Shelley the self-driving Audi, Swamp Thing, and Valve Index

This week on Light Start, we have a small games console, a self-driving car, a Swamp Thing, and Valve's own version of virtual reality.

Better screen, fewer wires: Valve and HTC introduce the Vive Pro

It was only very recently that the HTC Vive made it to South Africa (officially) and now we’ve got something else to look forward to. At CES this year HTC and Valve took the wraps off the second iteration of their already impressive VR headset, called the HTC Vive Pro. And it’s going to be going wireless. Eventually. Before it does, though, it’ll arrive in a more traditional form...[Read More]

Steam Summer Sale 2017: the discount games you need to buy

Ah, the Steam Summer Sale. A way for South Africans to get a slight taste of Northern Hemisphere summers, even while we freeze our collective bits off in our local winter. We still call it the Summer Sale, because reasons. It’s back, running until the 5th of July, and once more Valve’s digital gaming store is filled with huge reductions on thousands of titles. Whether your interactive tastes run t...[Read More]

HTC Vive getting virtual desktops to play nicely with non-VR games

Virtual reality gaming is just around the corner, with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift both set to drop in the next few months, but what are early adopters going to be playing on them? There might not be too many VR-friendly titles at launch, but Valve is working hard on making regular games play nicely in VR too. It just announced Desktop Theatre Mode, a virtual cinema-style way to play any game in your...[Read More]

Light Start – The No-Phones Edition

Wondering if your PC hardware has what it takes to support VR? Valve has the answer for you So you’re not afraid of the pricing for various virtual reality headset. You’re looking at grabbing yourself one of HTC’s Vive units, perhaps? Then you’re going to need to see just how much extra hardware your PC is going to need in order to keep up. Thankfully, if you’ve been ...[Read More]

What is ‘Chaperone’ and how does it fit in with Valve’s VR plans?

Valve, purveyor of loads of discounted PC games that none of us ever find the time to play, has been branching out into the hardware world of late. Their latest target is the world of virtual reality and some Reddit sleuthing has unearthed perhaps more of their plans in that line than they were expecting to reveal. Valve filed for a new trademark in March this year, though it has only come to ligh...[Read More]

Valve announces SteamVR hardware system, will be shown next week at GDC

The VR market is still relatively young, with the Oculus Rift in pre-release developer kit status and plenty of companies still entering the fray. But could an established player in the PC gaming scene upend them all? That may be the goal of Valve, the company behind the massively successful Steam digital gaming service, not to mention publisher of brilliant games like Portal, Half-Life, and Team ...[Read More]

Valve’s Steam Machines, controller will only arrive at the station in 2015

Valve, who still haven’t given us Half-Life 3, have revealed that their hardware platform – collectively known as Steam Machines – will not be releasing some time this year as was previously the case. Instead, according to a Steam announcement, the delayed release is a result of the feedback that the company has been getting from the ongoing hardware beta test. Based on informati...[Read More]

Portal to make the jump to Nvidia’s Project Shield

Portal, loved by gamers and cake aficionados everywhere, is a hit game which had players using a portal gun to traverse various obstacles. The game saw release on the PC and the Xbox 360, spawned a sequel and now, thanks to Nvidia, it is heading to a mobile Android platform. Announced at the 2014 GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed that the popular title will be made avai...[Read More]

Valve makes VR access easy with their latest Steam beta

Not many of us have HMD’s (head-mounted display) like the Oculus Rift and the Rift, the leading headset of the VR craze, isn’t in full production mode yet. This has not stopped the folks at Valve from going experimental with virtual reality, as can be seen with their latest SteamBeta client release which now sports a “virtual reality mode” in the view menu for all to see. The beta also...[Read More]

Say hello to Valve’s updated Steam Controller

Valve’s controller for their Steam Machine setups have looked interesting from the very beginning but but the company recently announced that that the form factor would be changing. They’ve since released an updated image of the device, showing that they have included a direction pad and altered the orientation of the face buttons. In terms of configuration, as Ars Technica points out,...[Read More]

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