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Facebook has its sights on a camera-equipped TV and in-home augmented reality tech

Facebook might have more than just serving ads to WhatsApp users and launching video-calling systems on their minds. The social network is reportedly working on a couple of unannounced projects — one of which may be a camera setup designed to be connected to a TV screen. The point? To turn it into a gigantic Portal, obviously, but we reckon there are a few other applications for it as well. ...[Read More]

Facebook’s in-home Portal camera could use the data it collects about you to serve ads

Last week we were very skeptical about Facebook’s new bit of hardware, the Portal tracking camera and video calling system — mostly because Facebook hasn’t got the best track record of keeping user data safe. And we were pretty sure that the company plans to use the Portal to harvest even more data about its users to keep the gigantic advertising beast fed. Well… guess what...[Read More]

Facebook launches Portal, because you’ll be fine with a Facebook-powered camera in your home

Facebook, in its quest to become the one part of the internet you cannot do without, has introduced something new. Something different. Something… physical? Something called Portal, which is the name it’s given to a couple of internet-connected cameras designed with video calling in mind. There are two devices in Facebook’s new announcement — the Portal and the Portal+. One...[Read More]

Augmented reality Portal is officially the best Portal

If you weren’t excited by the prospect of augmented reality gaming before then this rendition of Valve’s excellent puzzle game Portal, running in the real world, will cure you of that. Failing that, perhaps you’ve got a faulty excitement module installed. We’ll get GlaDOS to troubleshoot you later. The game, the creation of AR developer Kenny W, isn’t an officially sa...[Read More]

Light Start – Thinking with portals, Note 7 weekend, Logan, and Tides combat

Now Red Bull is thinking with portals If you haven’t played Valve’s Portal or the sequel, Portal 2, then this Red Bull-created video of cyclists hitting jumps before vanishing into portals and popping out somewhere completely different might be a touch jarring, mentally. Your brain tells you everything is normal but also that nothing is working the way it should. Should you know how to...[Read More]

Portal to make the jump to Nvidia’s Project Shield

Portal, loved by gamers and cake aficionados everywhere, is a hit game which had players using a portal gun to traverse various obstacles. The game saw release on the PC and the Xbox 360, spawned a sequel and now, thanks to Nvidia, it is heading to a mobile Android platform. Announced at the 2014 GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed that the popular title will be made avai...[Read More]

Portal boardgame teleporting to shelves later this year

Portal 2 is some distance behind us now, and if you find that you still have a hankering for the game, tabletop game publisher Crytozoic Entertainment might just have the thing for you,: the Portal boardgame. Announced last week at the International Toy Fair, the game is called Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game (the name isn’t final). The title admittedly does not exactly roll off ...[Read More]

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